How to submit your Sitemap in Blogspot

How to submit your Sitemap in Blogspot

Hello Friends,How are you , now i am going share you how to submit our Sitemap in Blogspot. We do a lot with dreams of blogging. But after a few days when it did not receive the expected visitors, leave blogging. But do not think that it comes to traffic, why not. Visitors to your site will not matter if there is any benefit to all bloggers.

Visitors to SEO the way. Today I’m an important SEO tips. If you submit your Sitemap to your site for SEO‘s very important. If you do not submit your Sitemap to your site in search engines do not index, which is due to not getting visitors. If you have to do is submit your sitemap on your site indexed by search engines, which will get you a lot of visitors.

So Let’s see how to submit the Sitemap

1.First, go to this link blogger sitemap generator,
2.Then a page will appear as shown below.
3.Feel free to link to your site in the box.
4.Then click create sitemep.
5.Then see your site has been created.
6.Copy this code and then dissolve. See below
7.Now go to your blog by logging dashboard.
8.From there, go to setting then go to search preference .
9.Site Map of the custom robot.tx copy paste code.
10. Save .

The diameter of the end of your work. Now Google can index your site.
If you need any related trick’s please post your comment  below.and thanks for see the post
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