How To Get 49000 Free Backlinks For Your Website Easily?

How To Get 49000 Free Backlinks For Your Website Easily?

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Without quality backlinks, your website will not be able to get a high position in search engine results and not yet to be get indexed quickly. As you know that, there are two ways to get back links one is Natural or manual backlinks and other is paid or automated links. Manual link building is more valuable but it takes your long time to build, if you don’t have spare time and running a business website and need to reach a target quickly than, automated backlinking are going to be your last choice. 

To get automated backlinks to your website, you need to buy link package or if you are not willing to buy paid links right now let’s start with free. Here is such kind of free backlinks maker tool and backlinks generator listed blow. And you have a chance to create up to 49000 free backlinks to your website. Before using these automated backlink tools but you needs to be remembered that Google does not like it, I mean Google doesn't recommend it.

Get 49000+ free high PR quality backlinks for your website

Rapid website submitter index kings will submit your website to various website statistic sites what will give you valued backlinks and your site will be index and rank better on Google. So get free 15000 backlinks with Indexkings additionally, Deep Linking offers more +570 submission.


BackLinkr automatically builds (+2500) of high-quality backlinks for your web page. It Generates backlinks on well-established websites, which are regularly crawled ever by search engines robots. It will help your domain to get instant backlinks and fast indexing by search engines.


It will help you to make 1800+ free backlink for your niche. These all no-follow and do-follow websites are like about us, website review etc. These are mostly high PR website and help your website to build backlinks.

It’s another great service which offers you to create up to 2500 pages about your website. It is an instant do-follow and no-follow linking service for your website.

SEO unity is a well-known name in free backlink generating services. The free backlink tool helps you to get up to 1850 backlinks for your niche. You can create and validate your backlinks instantly.

2500 backlink will give you 2500 backlinks to your website instantly.


Kalsey backlink Generator is another great tool for the webmasters to get up to 2500 free backlinks to your website.

Auto backlink builder will help you to create 2,500+ various PR link backs to your website.

It Generates Backlinks in just 1 Click and Ping Them Automatically It can create up to 2500 backlinks.

Excite submit tool will Submit and Ping your domain up to 1,506 Websites in one click.

You will get up to 1000 backlink for free all you just needs to be register and put your website.

Small Seo tools” is a highly attributed, well cherished and most powerful SEO tools website which allows you to build up to 50 high PR spam free and self-verified high-quality back links for your domain to get the website on Google 1st page and search results.

This tool creates up to five hundred free back links to your domain from various high authority websites within in few seconds.


Backlink generator

Let’s get 325 automated backlinks using “backlink generator”. I can say that this is the best tool in backlinking. It helps you to create high PR permanent backlinks.


It will give you up to 240 backlinks from different high PR websites and help you to create boost you website ranking.


Generate up to 100 real backlinks to your domain and me happy to announce that 95% are do-follow. So, use this great tool receive more traffic to your web page.


It’s a free link building tool which helps you to create more than 100 free and a do-follow backlink from different high PR websites. It’s really an amazing tool for newbie and existing website to get indexed by search engines fast.

Another amazing SEO rank improving website which allows you to submit your domain up to 100 high domain authority website to get fast indexing by search engines robots.

Register on Linksoar to claim your 45 high PR backlinks for your domain.

Get easy backlinks for your domain using marketing blog online.

W3 SEO is another free tool to create quality backlinks for your domain.

Final arguments: I am happy to publish my first post on our blog and hope it will be helpful for you to create backlinks for your website. Another, most important thing is that I am just sharing these things for knowledge purpose and you can create automatic backlink for your domain but I don’t force or recommend it, and another Google does not like automatic link building. So, manual link building is a secure way to build links. I hope this will be helpful for you. You can use and share it with your friends. If you have any question / suggestion then don’t hesitate to comment.
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