8 Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger Not Wordpress

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger Not Wordpress

Blogger is #1 blogging platform which is currently used by many top bloggers for hosting their blogs.If we go in the past there are not much users of blogger but today it is on the top and there are millions of users from all over the world and still growing too much fast.

If we talk about other opposite platforms which are used for hosting blogs purpose such as wordpress then you also feel many advantages of blogger over wordpress.

This is not without reason that why blogger is better then wordpress , why more people prefer blogger over wordpress , why blogger is best platform then wordpress.

As my experience in blogging i should prefer you to use blogger not wordpress and know what are main reasons that why i liked the blogger platform most for blogging.

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger For Blogging Not Wordpress

1: Blogger Is Totally Free

First of all the main reason behind using blogger because it's totally free to set up a new blog on blogger.You can easily start your blogging career through blogger by creating your blog for free of cost.This is most appreciating thing by blogger so such a people who have not much money to spend on buying paid hosting can easily start his blog on blogger.

On the opposite wordpress is paid hosting provider where you need to first buy hosting then buy domain for your blog then you can start your blog and not only once because you need to pay every month hundreds of dollars for again renewing hosting+domain.

But Blogger is more better then wordpress in this term.Initially when you get started with blog it provides you a free blogspot domain for your blog.Later on, it's your choice add  a sub-domain in your blog and blogger doesn't compels you to do this step.

2: Blogger is Easy to Use Then Wordpress

By using blogger for your blog there are a lot of advantages of blogger then wordpress.You can easily manage your blog on blogger.There are simply and easy to understand layout of blogger dashboard where every one can easily use his blog by following the options.

But if we go to wordpress there is more difficulty to use and access your blog through wordpress.You need a good developer for your website development by paying a good amount.

Only a Good Php developer can handle his blog on wordpress because there is almost every thing is in PHP.Then you must know PHP knowledge as blogs wordpress are php based where all your blog coding is in PHP to manage it.

But blogger is better then wordpress because it has not such kind of limitations.Any person can easily start his blog on blogger and start his blogging career.

3: Dashing Layout of Main Dashboard

Blogger is not only providing free hosting to bloggers but also know their visually taste.You have also seen that blogger dashboard contains every thing in one place where you can without any kind of difficulty access every thing you want to do.

Moreover, the whole layout of blogger dashboard is so much captivating,clean and according to his users needs.

If a person who never experience blogging never before so the best platform he should adopt his blogger where every one can easily understand how to manage his blog.

4: A Lot Of Amazing Features

Blogger Platform comes up with a lot of amazing features which are most according to bloggers need.You can access any thing on your blog by doing a single click.

Moreover, if you want to edit your blog design then you have full access to your template where you can add or remove such things which you don't want in your blog.

As Blogger is in HTML Language so you can easily know the functionality of every code and it's purpose in your blog template.

Also you can redesign your blog by going to layout option where you can optimize your blog as you want to do.

5: More Responsive Widgets

Blogger also provides a lot of best and responsive widgets for making your blog look visitor friendly.You can manage your blog widgets easily and also these are totally free of cost.

Blogger also provides the facility to add third party widgets to your blog if currently widgets doesn't passes your interest such as popular posts widgets or recent posts widgets.

There are also new widgets which are created by developers to meet the needs of now a days bloggers to give a proper and responsive look to their blog so most of their blog audience will feel comfort in your blog.

6: Blogger is Always Up

This is most convening blogger feature for it users that it never go down any time.Your blog will always up and any time you can access it from every where.If your blog is getting large amount of traffic then also in such case your blogger server never goes down due to infinite traffic load.

It is mostly seen that blogs on wordpress at times go down due to a lot of traffic load which is most disgusting that any time your blog can goes down and your blog visitors will be unable to access your blog.

7: Blogger is Secure than Wordpress

Blogger provide the more secured server to its users where you have not to worry about your blog any time that someone else will got access to your blog.That's why mostly people prefer blogger then wordpress because blogger is 100% safe.

Your blog is never keep safe if we talk about wordpress security.There are many security wholes can be occur through which most causes a lot of security issues.

8: Blogger is more User Friendly

Apart from blogging experience , i found blogger is best choice for my as it provides more user friendly in every aspect.You will also feel the essence of blogger platform once you get started with it.

It provide more and better interface for your blog where you can build up the structure of your blog to make it successful a blog.

As blogger provides almost every essential thing which needs for running a blog so if a users having some kind of issues then freely ask about it and also get quick and positive response.

This is how blogger become top blogging platform in whole blogging era where every one prefer to use blogger and also advice others to get started with blogger.
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