Top 10 Free Php Hosting Site to Create Your Free Wap site

Top 10 Free Php Hosting Site to Create Your Free Wap site

Introduction :

Creating a wap site on non Php hosting was very hard because wapsite consists of thousands of pages . By using an Autoindex wapmaster can easily create their wapsite  , But Autoindex script like Master-Land only support in Php Hosting . So without having a Cpanel Hosting wapmaster can't create their wapsite easly . Here on this topic you will learn about some of the "Top 10 Free Php Hosting Site to Create Your Free Wapsite Using Cpanel".

Advantages Of Php Hosting :

By creating a A/c on the following free Cpanel Web Hosting Services , You can create your free wapsite simply by installing a Autoindex script . You can also provide free Ultimate Downloading service for your wapsite visitors . It is very easy to create services like Forum  , Search , Etc on Php webhosting . If you are already developed your site on other hosted service like Xtgem or Wapka it is better you to link the Php Hosted service to the site , Visitors never mind about URL Address they only think about your Logo & Quality of service .

Top 10 Free Php Hosting Sites :

  1.  X10Hosting : X10Hosting is one the best Free Cpanel Hosting Solution like 2FreeHosting , X10Hosting allowing Unlimited Disc Space + Unlimited Bandwidth for creating wapsite .
  2. 2FreeHosting : 2FreeHosting is one of the best solution to start your free Php wapsite . 2FreeHosting providing about 20GB Space - 150GB Bandwidth - Free Cpanel Hosting + One Premium Domain with their free Php Cpanel Hosting Plan .
  3. 5GBFree : 5GBFree is a free Hosting site like 2Free Hosting , They getting 5GB Diskspace for their free Cpanel plan . They don't add ads on the site , But they have some restriction to use some of the utilities in their Cpanel .  
  4. 3Owl Hosting : 3Owl Hosting is the another Free Php Hosting Solution to host your free wapsite . 3Owl is mainly for Wordpress users but wapmaster's can also create their wapsite on 3Owl . 
  5. 000WebHosting : 000WebHost is an another free Cpanel hosting like 2FreeHosting . But here on 000WebHost they allowing only 1500Mb Hosting + 150Gb Bandwidth also there is lot of other restriction than 2FreeHosting . 
  6. GoogieHost : GoogieHost is another free Php Cpanel Hosting Provider , GoogieHosting allowing 20GB Space + 200 GB Bandwidth to create wapsite also providing free Unlimited Email Address - Unlimited Database Etc .
  7. Capnix : Capnix is another Free Php Hosting provider like GoogieHost , Capnix providing 1000Mb Web Hosting Space - 1000Mb Bandwidth +  Premium Domain Parking - Etc .
  8. Host-Ed : Host-Ed is one of the best Web Hosting Service , They also providing free Webhosting package to create a free wapsite ,  1000Mp Disk Space + Parked Domain Ftp Etc .
  9. NuveHost : NuveHost is a simple Cpanel Web Hosting Solution - Providing Unlimited Disc Space - Unlimited Bandwidth - Unlimited Mysql Etc .
  10. FreeOst : FreeOst is also another Web Hosting Service like NuveHost , Simple & User Friendly . Providing 10000Mb Disk Space - No Ads Etc .
  11. BatServe : BatServe is also look like NuveHost , Providing Free Web Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space also supported Parked Domains .

Suggestion :

It is better you to select 2FreeHosting or  X10hosting to create your free wapsite , Because they providing best and super friendly Cpanel's to develop your wapsite .  Also they providing Unlimited Database and Emails .
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