Insert Ads Between Post Content in AMP Blogger Template Automatically

Insert Ads Between Post Content in AMP Blogger Template Automatically

How To Place Adsense Ads In Middle of The Post in Blogger-AMP Template Automatically

One disadvantage of using templates blogger AMP is not able to use javascript. This makes the loss of a few things, and of course our blog can not be customized in full. 

Without using javascript, make adsense ad units like page-level ads can not be installed (although can be tricked using amp-sticky ads). And of course, quite detrimental. However, apart from the problem, there are also many other advantages when using AMP. 

And the problem re-emerged, we also can not put adsense ads automatically in the middle of the article, if using the template blogger AMP. As a result, I had to enter the code manually in the article.

The problem occurs because to put adsense code automatically in the middle of the article, using javascript which certainly can not be applied to the AMP template.

But recently, there is a new feature of AMP project where we can enable to install adsense code automatically. Is it true?

The latest Js from AMP project is named with amp-auto-ads that support with AdSense. So amp-auto-ads will automatically put adsense ads in your article.

How to install it? It's so easy to install..

1. All you need to do for the first time is to put the amp-auto-ads code. Put it before the code </ head>. Copy the following code in your blogger panel.

<script async='async' custom-element='amp-auto-ads' src=''></script>

2. The next step, put the HTML code of Adsense amp-auto-ads just below <body>. keep in mind, you should install it right after the opening code <body>. Here's the code:

<amp-auto-ads data-ad-client='ca-pub-4026188032600094' type='adsense'> </amp-auto-ads>

Note: Replace ad client with your AdSense publisher code.

3. SAVE your template.

Important Notes!

There are a few things you should know about amp-auto-ads :

Ads Installation
Javascript amp-auto-ads will automatically put adsense ads on your articles. Usually after paragraphs 2, 3, 4, or 5, but I often find it after paragraph 3 .. So you can not costumize where the ads want to appear.. 

In addition, ads will not always appear on your article. 
Will Only Appear on Smartphone
Based on my experience, Adsense Ads you will only appear if you access your blog via smartphone only..
Ads Only Show 1 Per Article
Adsense ads that are placed automatically by amp-auto-ads, will not show if you have previously placed adsense ads code manually when writing articles.

That's my article this time about How to put adsense ads in the middle of the article automatically. Hopefully useful :)
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