How to Create Contact Backup in Android Mobile

How to Create Contact Backup in Android Mobile

 Looking for a Contact Backup in your Android mobile? Missing contact from our mobile is just like missing a mobile. It's not easy to find all the contact from your friends and family and it's hard to send each of the contacts. So here we are going to provide some methods you can use to Backup your whole contact from your Android Mobile with a single click and can easily import to mobile without taking much time.

Back up Android contacts to your Google account

One of the best methods of Back up Android contacts is uploading contact to your Google account. This has good cons than other methods. One of the main benefits of this is you can easily access this file from all over the world and any time can be available up to you delete your email.

Since Google owns Android, when you add a new contact to your list it will automatically sync with your email, we don't need to upload every time. This includes all current contacts, as well as ones you add or delete at any point. Whether your phone suddenly gets destroyed, stops working, or you need to switch devices, those who back up Android contacts to their Google account will always have their numbers in the cloud and ready for download.

  1. From your Android device, go to the Settings app.
  2. Select the Accounts option.
  3. Look for your Gmail or Google account. Select it.
  4. Go into Account sync.
  5. Make sure Contacts is checked on.
  6. Open the Contacts app.
  7. Tap on the 3-line menu button.
  8. Select Settings.
  9. Hit Google Contacts sync settings.
  10. Under Also sync device contacts, select Manage Settings.
  11. Toggle on Automatically backup & sync device contacts.

Back up Android contacts to your SD Card or Pendrive

Some people don't have to believe in Online storage or cloud storage, and they always like old fashion, this topic is for them. How to Backup contact in android mobile to your Mobile SDcard or Pendrive. Also using this method you can save contact and easily share the whole contact as a single file through emails and file transfer methods.
  1. Open your Contacts app.
  2. Hit the 3-line menu button and go into Settings.
  3. Select Export.
  4. Select where you want your contact files stored. In this case, it would be somewhere in your SD card or USB storage unit.
  5. Follow instructions and keep your storage device in a safe place. You can also store it in your cloud service and pull it whenever needed.
You will get file as a CVV file as a single file, so you can share this wherever you need. Opening the file will save whole contacts to the Contact list, which means you can Import whole contacts with a single click.
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