Best 2 Methods to recover deleted photos on iphone

Best 2 Methods to recover deleted photos on iphone

Is there any way to restore permanently deleted photos on iPhone? what will happen when we deleted our favorite photos by any mistake? Taking high-quality photos is one of the main features of the iPhone.

In iPhone, the deleted photos are restored in the Recently Deleted folder. This folder keeps all the photos and videos for up to 40 days without any problem. During this time, we can recover the deleted photos and videos to the library.

Below, we explain the easiest way to recover deleted photos on iPhone.

Recover Deleted photos through Recently Deleted

Follow the below steps to recover correctly, 

 1. Open photos app

2. Tap Albums

3. scroll down and select Recently Deleted

4. Tap to select photos at the top right corner

5. Select the photos that you want to recover on your phone.

6. Tap recover at the bottom right corner

Tap recover all when you want to recover all the deleted photos in your iPhone.

Recover Deleted photos through iCloud

We can also recover the deleted photos through iCloud on iPhone. This method is used when the photos are deleted from the recently deleted folder.

Follow these steps to recover photos through iCloud

1. Go to settings
2. Tap General and then tap Reset
3. Tap to erase all content and settings
4. Select restore from iCloud backup
5. Sign in with your Apple ID
6. Tap choose the backup

After backup, the deleted photos are recovered to your phone. Otherwise, you can repeat the process and recovered. The only disadvantage of iCloud backup is all the deleted files were recovered which you want or not.
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