Best 8 ways to stop spying and hacking on iPhone

Best 8 ways to stop spying and hacking on iPhone

 I got this topic "How to stop spying and hacking on iPhone" from Google Ideas, where they give ideas to bloggers based on unanswered questions. So I took that topic, to solve the unanswered question for you. Hacking and Spying are increasing as our world is moving forward with technology. Most iPhone users prefer their mobile as iPhone based on the security feature of iPhone mobiles, but still, there is a chance for spying on our iPhone.

This article is about stopping spying and hacking on iPhones, this content will give you step by step to protect your iPhone from spying and hacking. So let's move to the topic...

How to stop spying and hacking on iPhone

1. Control your Location Services

You need to adjust the Location service in your iPhone, for that follow the below steps. we are doing all these steps mainly in the settings area.

1. Just Go to Settings and Open Privacy

There you can see the Location Services.

2. Click on the Location services

There you can see a lot of applications that are accessing your locations.

Clicking on the app by app, you can control the Location accessing. There will 

You need to make Never accessing the location access of unwanted applications, and make While using the application for required applications.

2. Disable Background App Refresh

1. Just Go to Settings and Open General

2. Now you need to go Background App Refresh

3. Now there is a lot of apps that will come in screen, which is working in the background

4. Toggle Off each,  App by App that you don't trust.

3. Keep iPhone Minimalistic 

Over Control your Location Services and Disable Background App Refresh you should keep your iPhone minimalistic. To make that you shouldn't install all apps, that you don't know.

Installing Unknown and unauthorized apps will grab your personal information from your mobiles. So try to minimize the number of apps and games.

Always try to Switched off your Bluetooth, WIFI, Data Connection whenever you don't use them.

4. Adjust Safari Browser settings

  • Go to iPhone Settings area
  • Select Safari Application

  • Turn on Safari Suggestions
  • Turn off Pop-ups
  • Block Cookies  (Optional)
  • Then Scroll down to Settings for Websites
  • Select Camera, Check is it ticket on Ask or Deny
  • Go Back to Website settings, then Deny the Microphone

5. Don't Open Unknown Links

Don't click the unknown links that come through the website, messages, popups, emails, etc.. which are look suspicious. This may access your camera and Microphones etc..

6. Use a VPN

When you are using a public WIFI or some shops WIFI, try to use a VPN. This may help you to protect yourself from entering your devices. The VPN will save you from collecting your data from others.

7. Disable Siri

Siri of Apple iPhone works always when we enabled it, it's always listening to us and it always works in the background. It's scary, isn't it? its records everything we talk about.

  • Go to settings
  • Select Siri and Search at the bottom
  • Toggle Off Listen for "Hey siri"

8. Limit Ad Tracking and Analytics

  • Go to settings, scroll down to below
  • Select Analytics & improvements
  • Toggle off Data share with Apple

  • Then go back, and select Apple Advertising

  • Turn off Personalised Ads

That's all, I think there will be more we need to do for Protecting our data from Hacking or leaking. I hope you enjoy our article. please share our website with others.
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