How to increase storage on iPhone SE

How to increase storage on iPhone SE

iPhone SE is a powerful smartphone with a popular design. The main problem of the iPhone SE does not have an external memory slot like android, which usually uses a microSD card. Due to this, iPhone SE optimizes the iCloud technology inside the phone and which gives to back up and increases storage.

Apple iPhone is costly and around US$ 400, which is dependent on the market.

Methods to increase storage space on iPhone

1. Plug in a flash drive ($60 leef iBridge, $42 SanDisk iExpand and $38 TFZ i-Flash Drive)

2. Keep a wireless hard drive in our pocket ($36 RAVPower File hub)

3. keep your files at home ($159 Western digital MyCloud)

4. Use the cloud( Amazon cloud drive, google drive)

5. Clean your phone

Device storage

iPhone storage capacity is ranging from 16 GB to 512GB. If the device storage is full, then you can’t increase the storage. But you can free up the storage.

Storage in your iPhone

1. Take settings
2. Tap general
3. Tap device storage

iCloud storage

When you activate iCloud activity, then you got 5GB of free storage space. It will help us to back up the device.

iCloud storage in your iPhone

1. Take settings
2. Tap your name
3. Tap iCloud on your iPhone

If you use iCloud activity regularly, then you have enough 64GB.
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