How to Shutdown Windows computer with a Keyboard without using Mouse

Damaging Mouse of computer or Trackpad of Laptops is a regular problem facing even by normal computer users. Maybe repairing these may take a long time, due to many reasons like money problem, time problems, etc... even though we need to use our system, So without the help of Mouse or trackpad, we need to shut down our computers.

This Article is about it, reading this article will teach you the easiest method to Shutdown a Windows computer with a Keyboard without using Mouse. Normally we have shut our computer by Going through Start Menu and clicking the Shutdown command.

The Windows keyboard shortcut in general and the shortcut to turn off the computer, in particular, will save time, as well as manipulate when working on a computer compared to traditional mouse shutdowns.

Shutdown Windows computer with a Keyboard

The following method can be used in all versions of Windows from Windows 7, 8, 10. 
If the computer is opening the software or browser, or any other application, press Ctrl + D to return to the Desktop. Continue pressing Alt + F4 and press Enter to turn off the computer.

Another Method to Switch off the windows

A particular combination of Keyboard Switches can easily switch off the Windows OS or Computer and Laptop.

Windows Key + X + U + U