iPhone Tricks : Enable Blinking Flashlight with Calls on iPhone

iPhone Tricks : Enable Blinking Flashlight with Calls on iPhone

 Do you ever see that Blinking iPhone Flashlight when ringing calls? Maybe you have seen that on someone's iPhones or some Instagram reels. iPhone is a status symbol in our society, showing higher standards to the people. More than choosing the iPhone based on its security function, our society choosing iPhones on the basis of their status. 

Why do we need Blinking Flashlight on Calls?

Suppose you are standing with some people, When you receive a call with the original ringtone of an iPhone with blinking Flashlight will give more attention to the people. Even though the Mobile is in Silent mode, the blinking of Light can indicate the incoming Calls.

Do you need to Enable Blinking Flashlight on incoming calls? Do you search it for finding the methods at the settings? Don't worry we are going to update the steps of the method to Enable Flashlight linking on iPhone by steps. This tutorial will help you to enable Flashlight Blinking while receiving calls.

Get flashlight blinking on receiving calls on iPhone

This feature is officially called LED Flash for Alerts, this setting is available in the Accessibility settings in iPhone. Enabling this feature will give Flashlight blinking of notifications apart from incoming calls, and also there is an option to turn off these features while the phone is in silent mode.

Follow these simple steps to enable flashlight blinking upon receiving a call on your iPhone -

  • Open the Settings Option. 

  • Scroll down a bit and click the Accessibility option.

  • You will find the Audio/Visual option under Hearing. Simply, click on it

  • Now there is an option called LED Flash for Alerts. Just toggle the button to turn it on. This will enable flashlight blinking for the incoming calls and new notifications.
  • Upon enabling LED Flash for Alerts, you will see another option named Flash on Silent. Keep this feature turned on only if you want to make the flashlight blinking enabled when your iPhone is on silent mode.
Now your iPhone is ready to Showoff in front of your friends, before that you can check the function is correctly working or not by just giving a missed call to your mobile from someone else mobile. Mainly this feature is for showoff, but you can utilize this in some other ways, this may help to notify us of the incoming calls while the mobile is silent and lock.

Hope you enjoy our article about "How to Activate Blinking Flashlight with Calls on iPhone", please feel free to write a comment on our Post, it may help us to improve our writings from the hereafter. Thank you for choosing us...

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