Best methods to improve battery life on both iphone and Android

Best methods to improve battery life on both iphone and Android

The battery life of a phone depends upon the device that you have. Are you thinking about what is the reason to drain your battery so fast?

There are several methods to improve battery life and make the charge last longer.

Now, a Lithium-ion battery is used in almost all devices. Because it charged fastly, last longer and it is low weight compared to other and these batteries are nonremovable.

Some tips to boost the battery life  of your device

   1. Reduce screen brightness of your  phone


Set the brightness to a dim level is good for your device battery and eyes. The brightness will be set to a minimum when you are in a dark atmosphere. When your battery getting low then drag the brightness bar to a low level and you can save the charge much more time.

   2. Charge the phone properly

Charging the phone is the most important thing that your phone’s battery keeps safe.

Don't put the phone charge on overnight.

100 percent charge is not always good and tries to unplug the phone while 90 percent charged. Try to use always your own charger and it is much better for your battery than any other charger.


3. Turn off the vibrations and notification of your phone

Turning off the vibrations and notifications will increase the battery life.

 4. Turn off unnecessary settings on your notification panel

Turn off the wifi, Gps, mobile data, BlueTooth, etc.. when your phone is on rest. And also change the fetch new data on your phone. This will help you to increase battery life of your phone.

   5. Adjust shorter screen time out

If your screen time out period is longer then your charge is loss easily. You can overcome this by setting shorter screentime and when we forget to lock our phone,  it will automatically be locked.

  6. Close unnecessary running apps

When using our phone, we must open several apps knowingly and unknowingly.

when you put back the phone, it just spent a few time to turn off. It will give your battery more time to breath.

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