Simplest method to Hide and Unhide files and folders on Apple MacBook

Simplest method to Hide and Unhide files and folders on Apple MacBook

Hiding files and folders is familiar in windows Computers, but most of us don't know How to hide files and folders on MacBook. This article is about the topic "Simplest method to Hide and Unhide files and folders on Apple MacBook".

Using our MacBook by our friends and relatives may be reached in accessing our personal Files. We always try to save these files from others. At some time we need to protect our files from access by others while giving our MacBook for Service. As a solution for these problems, we can make hidden our files in our MacBook.

This article will give you the complete details of easy steps to hide and unhide the Files in MacBook easily.

How to Hide Files and Folder on MacBook

There are a lot of methods to hide files and folders in MacBook, out of which we found using Terminal method is one of the best and easiest methods to hide files and folders in MacBook without username and password, so here we are detailing the Terminal method to hide Files in MacBook.

1. Open Finder on MacBook
2. On the left panel select the Application
3. Navigate to Utility Option and Open its menu.
4. Now you can find The Terminal in the Menu, Open that

5. Alternatively, you can open a Terminal by pressing on Command+Space and typing Terminal in the search bar
6. Type chflags hidden in the Terminal Window

7. Now it's ready to start to Hide files, Just Drag and Drop the files or folders you need to hide on MacBook.
8. Now press Enter/Return key, then the folder or file will get vanished.
9. You should have to remember the file path of the file which we have hidden. so that you can access it again.

This is the simplest and straight method to hide files and folders in MacBook. Just continue reading, we have also added the content that how can we access the hidden file in MacBook.

How to View/access hidden files in MacBook

We have studied to hide files in MacBook in the easiest method. Now you need to know how to access these hidden files in your MacBook if you forget the hidden file path or address and forgot where did you hide the file.

Also, this method will help you to find the system files, if you need to do some troubleshooting on your MacBook.

1. Open Finder and access the Macintosh HD folder
2. Then press the keys on the keyboard Command+Shift+Dot simultaneously. 
3. Now all the files in your MacBook that you have hidden will be visible. 

Pressing the same Keys will disappear the same files again. This function is applicable to all types of files and folders.

However, if you want to find files in the ~/Library folder. Then you should follow these steps:

  • Access the Finder and press Alt, while pressing the Alt key, click on the Go which can be found at the top of the screen. 
  • Now, click on Library to open the hidden folder.

    The biggest problem with this option on MacBook is, unhiding all the files will make the files visible on the desktop, including system files and autosaved files too.
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