Best Method to hide photos and videos on iphone

Nowadays, we all capturing our most favorite photos on our mobile phones. But some of them are our personal moments. We need to hide these sacred images. This can be prevented by a private photo vault or install hiding apps to hide personal moments from others.

Every time we heard the news about privacy, people hacking into phones and leaking personal information.

How to hide photos on iPhone

1. Open photos
2. Select the photos or videos that you want to hide
3. Tap on the share icon in the bottom left corner.
4. Scroll down and tap “hide”
 5. Confirm that your photos and videos are now in hiding in view

How to unhide photos on iPhone

Follow these steps to unhide photos and videos on iPhone;

1. Open the photos
2. Scroll down and tap “hidden”
3. Select the photos or videos that you want to unhide
4. Tap the share icon in the bottom left corner
5. Then tap unhide
6. Then the unhide photos will move back to the original position in the gallery.


Keepsafe is a third-party app and which is a secret photo vault. About 50 million people have trusted this app for hiding their private photos. We can hide the private photos by keepsafe app by locking them down with PIN-code password protection, fingerprint or Touch ID, and military-grade encryption. photo backup is the main feature of keepsafe apk.

Keepsafe private photo vault can be installed now at AppStore or play store.

Follow these steps to install keep safe app

Download keepsafe apk
set the lock by PIN-code or fingerprint

Tap the (+) icon and import the photos from the gallery

After that, the photos and videos are disappearing from the gallery and the photos will be kept at keepsafe apk

Download keepsafe apk here: