11 Best Text Message Blocking Apps for Android & iOS

11 Best Text Message Blocking Apps for Android & iOS

 Text messages are the important part of our daily life. Whether it is official work or student life, text messages play a vital role to accomplish our daily tasks. Although, we have other advance technologies to communicate and share our emotions or works, yet text messages still more reliable when it comes to confidential information. Then question arises why we required text message blocking app? The answer is as simple as it should be.

Text Message Blocking Apps for Android & iOS

SMS make our life easier, no doubt. But it also flooded our phone with unwanted, undesired, and spam messages. Almost daily we get telemarketing SMS, companies SMS, or unknown number messages. These messages not only distract from our scheduled work but also filled phone space anonymously. This Is why we must have text message blocking app to avoid these unwanted messages. We are listing below 11 best text message blocking apps that done your task and you don't need to invest a single penny to do that. Let Explore these best applications.

1. Key Message

The key message is the popular text message blocking app, as the name suggests, it only delivers you the most valuable message, and listed spam all unwanted SMS. It automatically blocks spam messages from numbers, non-numbers, and unknown senders based on your preferences. Its machine learning and AI-based technology make it among the best text message blocking apps for Android. If you regularly receive important messages then Key message store them separately and make auto backups of all messages. 2nd most important feature it holds is compatibility with the MMS which most of the apps lacks.

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  • Clean and simple interface
  • Blocks all Spam messages
  • Organize messages
  • Auto-backup
  • Dark theme
  • MMS compatibility
  • Auto-block unknown numbers

Install Key Message

2. Calls Blacklist

Call blacklist is a very lightweight text message blocking app that blocks unwanted calls and messages. Instead of simply putting your phone on Airplane mode while you are busy, you can turn off all the calls and messages from all sources. Furthermore, you can also control the application with a password or fingerprint lock of your phone. Call blacklist is considered as of the best text message blocking apps but is only limited to Android (not iOS).

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  • Very lightweight application
  • Can block calls as well as messages
  • Have both options, whitelist & blacklist
  • Alternative to airplane mode
  • Password protected
  • Android compatible
  • Best for privacy control

Install Call blacklist

3. Hiya

Hiya is a versatile and advanced text message blocking app for Android & iOS used to block both calls and messages. Why we are saying this is a versatile app because it can be used for business enthusiasts, carriers, or tech partners, and used differently for every user base. Hiya offers to stay a step ahead of spam and fraud calls with real-time detection and automatic fraud blocking. Hiya, the best text message blocking apps, is available for both Android and iOS.

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  • Categorize the spam calls
  • Separately identify which call to answer and which to block
  • Avoid spoofing number
  • Avoid Robocalls
  • Available on Android & iOS over 40 countries

Install Hiya

4. AntiNuisance

It is as simple as the name suggests, AntiNuisance keeps away all the nuisance and annoying calls and messages from your phone. You are allowed to add as many numbers as you can to get them blocked or otherwise, simply block all the unknown contacts. The unique feature offers by this best text message blocking app, you can block calls in certain time intervals. This feature is very useful if you know the timings of spam & nuisance calls and SMS. The simple and intuitive interface app is available for Android only.


  • Blocking unwanted phone calls
  • Unwanted SMS blocking
  • Blacklist with unwanted phone numbers
  • Advertiser Phone Call Blocking
  • Blocking hidden phone calls
  • Blocking phone calls within a certain time range

Install AntiNuisance

5. Block Calls & Block SMS

This is among the easiest best text message blocking apps and just required to drop and block action. The SMS & calls from the debt collectors or telemarketers can easily be blocked. You can choose whether you want to block a particular region number, private number, repeated number, or contact list number, and you are allowed to categorize all of them. Enter the number from the contact list, call history, or SMS history that you suppose to be blocked.


  • Easy to manage blocking list
  • Block unwanted SMS
  • Best for telemarketer
  • Call and SMS blocking history
  • Available for both Android and iOS

Install Block Calls & Block SMS

6. Brocaller

Don’t go with the name, Brocaller is a unique text message blocking app for Android. It will help you to identify unknown calls, block spam calls, and spam SMS as well as filter out unwanted SMS. It works on the same as truecaller where you can identify who is messaging you and block them instantly. The good part is that it automatically blocks the telemarketing and soaping SMS as well as calls.


  • Identify all unknown calls and SMS
  • Block non listed SMS automatically
  • Phone book management
  • Managing incoming calls
  • Block spam and telemarketing calls

Install Brocaller

7. Root Call SMS Manager

It is a lightweight text message blocking app that allows to blocking of undesirable calls and SMS. For Android 4.4 or later, the Root manager blocks calls and SMS without permission but earlier than 4.4, you have to do it manually. You can even filter what type of text messages you want to block what to allow. It is a must to put all the numbers to put on a separate list and whenever required, you can manage through ‘Not to block’. However, it is a freemium application and the free version comes with some limitations.


  • No answer mode for specific numbers
  • Blacklist and Whitelist
  • Text filters options
  • Automatic and manual blocking
  • Freemium application
  • Blocking group of numbers

Install Root Call SMS Manager

8. Blacklist

Blacklist is the simplest form of SMS blocking program where you need to create a list of unwanted text messages that you want to avoid. You have two choices (as in most of the best text message blocking apps) either manually enter the desired numbers in the blocking list or automatically block all the unknown numbers. Blacklist has a unique feature where you can specify the type of number you want to black. You can set to block starting number, contains specific digits, or finished with a specific number, etc.


  • Simple SMS blocking App
  • Automatic and manual
  • Block specific number based on how it starts or how it ends
  • User friendly interface
  • Only block incoming text messages numbers

Install Blacklist

9. Mr. Number Lookup

Mr. Number is the Advanced and among the best text message blocking apps for iPhone users in 2021. It works on the spam detection technology that is always working in the background and block all Robocalls and RoboSMS. For a robust blocking system, create your personal blocking list and avoid unwanted text messages. Mr. Number offers real-time warnings for any incoming spam messages and blocks them too, automatically. You can even block calls & SMS from a particular Zip code, Area code, or country code.


  • Excellent for Robo call & SMS blocking
  • Block by Zip code
  • Block by Area code
  • Block by Country code
  • Caller identification

Install Mr. Number Lookup

10. VeroSMS

VeroSMS is another top text message blocking app and SMS filter for iPhone & iPad users. It filters spam texts using keywords that you set and using crowd rootage data of keywords that other people in your region set. It is a freemium application, although free service allowed unlimited blacklisting and whitelisting. It will not block the text messages that are from your contact list, so nothing to worry about important messages getting blocked.


  • Blocking for iPhone & iPad
  • Advanced SMS filter
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting
  • Machine learning based SMS filtering (for premium version only)
  • Add your keywords to block particular telemarketer

Install VeroSMS

11. Call Bliss

Call Bliss not only blocks unwanted and fraudulent text messages but also makes sure that you do not miss an important one. Allow or block the caller ID automatically by location, home, work, or different country codes. Create a group of callers such as Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Bowling Team, and allow them to call or message at a particular time. Call bliss is only for iPhone users and requires an iPhone with iOS 6 or later. The best part of this application is that you can block a call and SMS on location-based that works across the world.


  • Best for blocking fraud calls
  • Location based blocking options
  • Different blocking options for home and offices
  • Automatic block unknown number
  • Available for iPhone users (iOS 6 & later)
  • Blacklist and whitelist

Install Call Bliss

Last Words

Text messages blocking apps looks very important when we considers spammers around us. Indeed, text messages aka SMS are critical for information sharing and meetings. But at the same time, spam messages like telemarketing, soap, marketing agencies, etc irritates a lot while doing official works. In this scenario, blocking applications very helpful. That's why we mentioned 11 best text message blocking apps which are completely free. You just need to enter the numbers which you want to block otherwise you can allow to do it automatically. In automation, all the unknown and spam messages blocked automatically. As supplement, these apps also blocked the unwanted calls and identify unknown numbers.

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