15 Best Free File Sharing Sites Without Any Cloud Storage

 In this modern pace of the world, in almost everything technology is involved. The involvement of technology is in every aspect of our whether it’s professional or household. There was a time when only USB drives were there for sharing the stuff. But now with the progress in technology, there are many online websites available online which assists in sharing the data without any difficulty.

Free File Sharing Sites Without Any Cloud Storage

File sharing sites make the passage very easy and simple to use. For sharing data, you don’t need any device for that purpose. When you share files while using websites you have to follow some conditions, while some offer you a chance to sign up for updating or uploading your file on the website. Sometimes first you have to subscribe to that site for uploading the file on a specific website, because of the massive size of the file.

Here is a list of some famous file-sharing sites without any cloud storage.

1. Hightail:

This is an amazing site for sharing your stuff. But for using it you have to sign in firstly. This site believes in to keep your ideas moving and don’t remain stagnant. It also offers file collaboration service for official users. While using it, you can collect the feedback even online not only can this online collaboration also be done. It offers you drag and drop feature, and has fast service that is convenient for the customers. This website to some extent limits the size of the file.

Lite is called the file-sharing version of hightailing. You can also avail of the other version, but they can be availed by subscription.

Link: https://www.hightail.com

2. We Transfer:

Are you looking for an amazing file transfer site? Then, stop searching out just avail the chance to use it. It is very simple and easy to use. Although it is not advanced as a hightail, its features are amazing.

No registration is required for using it for the purpose of file sharing. You only need to enter the email address for using this file-sharing site. Its procedure is very simple you just have to enter the email id of both sender and receiver, after that upload the file and click on transfer, that’s it.

This is free of any cost but if you want extra protection for the files then it asks for money.

Link: https://wetransfer.com/

3. Send anywhere:

Are you looking for multiple file-sharing options? Then, stop searching this is for you. It is a very simple and lightweight file-sharing site. With the help of it, you can share a file of massive data i.e. up to 10 GB. The file can be sent by using various resources i.e. email, Url links and many more. The activation time of the sent file is only 48 hours, after that, it will expire. But you can extend the time span of expiry by activating the premium bundle.


It gave you options, if and only if you don’t want to use website version then go ahead and use the app version available for android and ios users. It assists you in sharing the file in a simpler and easy way.

Link: https://send-anywhere.com/

4. JustBeamIt:

Are you looking for an efficient website used for making the file-sharing process easy? Then this file-sharing site is absolutely for you. In this site, you can use drag and drop features. By clicking on the parachute you can easily transfer your files to the desirable places.

Don’t close the page while transferring the file because it will automatically end the transfer process. The activation time of the sent link is only 10 minutes. No limitation applies to the size of the file and transfer number.

Link: https://www.justbeamit.com/

5. UploadFiles:

Are you looking for a website that offers you to transfer files without any registration? Then go ahead and start using it. Because this app does not need any registration.  This app does not require any registration and to some extent does not involve any restrictions while transferring the data.

Link: https://uploadfiles.io/

6. FileSharing24:

Are you looking for a website that helps you not only in sharing but also eradicating the files? Then, this website is for you.

File-sharing can be done through many sources, it can be done through email or link. It is ranked as a top file-sharing website. Its use is very simple and easy. For using the website conditions should be upon.

Link: https://filesharing24.com/

7. File dropper:

You can share large files by using by this file-sharing site. File up to 5GB can also be shared by using this file-sharing site. By using this app, you have a chance to upload as many files as you can. This app does not involve password protection.

It’s very easy to use and does not involve interference. It does not involve how long the file will be on the website.

Link: https://www.filedropper.com/

8. Plus Transfer:

Are you looking for a site that assists you in sharing files up to 5GB? Then this website is for you. It does not involve any password protection. By using this site you have the option to select timeline preference. While using this file transfer website you need not register. There is no limitation in the number of uploading files.

For using this website you just have to enter the email id’s the sender and receiver.

Link: https://www.plustransfer.com/

9. MailBigFile:

Are you looking for a website that offers you a version? Then this website is for you. It offers four versions and along with a free version. You have a chance to send data with the limitation of up to 2 GB. The activation time of the data is only 10 days.


You can download a certain file up to 20 times. For availing more up-to-date versions of it you need to have the premium bundle.

Link: https://www.mailbigfile.com/

10. SendSpace:

With the help of the drag and drop feature, you can share files. If you are not comfortable with the website version, then go and avail the android app version. Within the paid version, you have access to password security. If you are a free user, you have some limitations regarding the size of the file. Its procedure is very simple and easy. You just have to enter the email address of the sender and receiver.

Link: https://www.sendspace.com/

11. FirefoxSend:

Are you looking for an amazing best free online website for sharing files? Then this website has all your requirements. For using this website you have to sign in, after doing that you can transfer files up to size 2.5 GB. When you go for a free version, the size drops a little bit.

It helps you in transferring files, but it expires within a very short time.

Link: https://send.firefox.com/

12. Sendthisfile:

Are you looking for a secure file transfer website then this is for you. It has a secure system. No registration is required and is free of any cost.

Link: https://www.sendthisfile.com/

13. Zippyshare:

It is a very simple file-sharing website. It involves less interference. The size of the file is fixed 500 MB for sharing purposes by using this app.

This app does not require any email id.

Link: https://www.zippyshare.com/

14. Sharezy:

It is a very efficient website for sharing files. You can use drag and drop feature, not only this but also browsing. You have the opportunity to set a password for your specific file.

Link: https://sharezy.in/

15. Senduit:

It is the best file transfer website. It has file sharing size limitation that is up to 100 MB. It does not involve password security.

Link: http://www.senduit.com/

Conclusion :

We are listing Top 15 File Sharing Sites, you don't want to download any additional software. Every website has its pros and cons. Choose and website which we have mentioned in the list to sharing a file.

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