Best Free Genogram Maker in 2024

Best Free Genogram Maker in 2024

 Today we are come up with a unique article ‘best genogram maker’ that are free also, by listing top genogram makers. A genogram is a graphic representation or family mapping tool that describe the family relationships and hereditary history. 

Do not confused with the Family tree as genogram is beyond that. Genogram not only reveal the psychological factors but also identify the medical history, kinship, and individual attitudes which aids clinical purposes.

Best Free Genogram Maker in 2022

Free genogram maker allows you to understand these complicated loop of relationships in easy manners. You do not need pencil or pen to draw these mappings or graphs, genogram maker tool make it easy for you. Required drag and drop or fill the names in the boxes. We are listing 11 best genogram maker to save your time to select the best out of available.

1. Edraw Max

Edraw max is the most popular genogram maker tool which is also easy to use. When you drawing a meaningful genogram, you just need to drag and drop while keeping in mind the relationships. It has ready to work templates and symbols for professional genogram graph. Once you generate your genogram perfectly, you can export it to any format including PNG, JPG, PPT, PDF, etc. If you found anything missing on your draw or graph, you can re-edit it. Online Edraw max is free to use but with limited templates and features. However, free version is enough for genogram requirements, if you want full features then go for paid plans.


  • Free to use
  • Professional templates
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to export or save
  • Cloud saving option
  • Drag and drop to customize

Visit Edraw Max

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2. GitMind

If you looking for an easy to use, free, and best genogram maker then GitMind could be your best choice. This free genogram maker tool does not have any hidden cost. The templates are extremely professional so you can easily organize large family relationships as well as their medical history. GitMind is a web-based genogram maker in which you can save your all draws their server as well. If you feel comfort with your mobile, so you can also do it with GitMind. If you have complete information of your family and psychological records then you will able to create a genogram in very easy way.


  • Ready made genogram templates
  • A web based tool, no need to install any app
  • Cloud saving and device saving
  • Support Windows, Mac, Android
  • Easy to draw interface

Visit GitMind

3. MyDraw

MyDraw is an advance genogram maker comprised with ready to work templates. What we like most in MyDraw, the best genogram maker, is that it provide the extensive details of each boxes and their uses. If you would like to include medical record such as physical, mental illness, drug inhaler, or alcohol inhaler, MyDraw allow you to show all these on the genogram. It has separate boxes for each time of genetic difference, physical difference, etc. Even if you would like to include relationships among any character then you can do it effortlessly.


  • Free genogram maker
  • Ready made templates
  • Complete health illustration
  • Background customize
  • Advanced relationship symbols
  • Full tutorial before begin

Visit MyDraw

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4. Canva

You are probably very well aware of Canva tool that is considered a premium tool for editing and drafting. But very less people knows that Canva also works as a free genogram maker however with limited features. Canva is much more a family tree rather than a genogram maker (but very close to). It let you browse thousands of icons, photos, images, shapes, lines and stickers to spruce up your family tree. If you do not find the ready made template suitable for then you can customize it in easy way by simply swapping the elements. You are able to add as many family members as you like and create unique maps.


  • Premium tool
  • Best free genogram maker
  • Free icons, shapes, elements, templates
  • Easy to customize
  • Unlimited members addition

Visit Canva

5. Progeny

Progeny could be best choice for those who are looking for best genogram maker for clinical purposes. You can employed ready made templates otherwise start from the scratch to create fresh and unique genogram for your family. Also, customize the shapes, spaces between the elements, however it do not looks much attractive as others do. You can save it directly to your computer or share it to your friends by sharing options.


  • Easy to save
  • Free to use
  • Customization is no that appropriate
  • Save on your computer
  • Ready made templates

Visit Progeny

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6. Creately

Creately is a free genogram maker but best known for editing and drafting same as the Canva. You need to create genogram from the scratch with lots of quality elements and shapes. When it comes to user interface then it is very user friendly and easy to use, just drag and drop action required. As you proceed to creating genogram, it automatically get saved on device and nothing worry to deleted without saving. Creately’s free edition comes with limited feature but enough for basic genogram including medical records.


  • Fresh and unique designs
  • premium shapes and elements
  • Limited free edition
  • Auto save
  • Share from portal

Visit Creately

7. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is best known for data visualization and innovative designs. This best genogram maker make very easy to serve the purpose of relationships history and medical history. You can also create genogram for various fields including psychology, genetic research, education, and social services, etc. Lucidchart has unique and outstanding ready made templates that can save your time. It allows you to exports your genogram to excel, or in slide form if you want to present it on easy mode. Do from the scratch with symbols or select the beautiful template and share with the friends.


  • Easy and quick
  • Impressive symbols
  • Very simple editing
  • Export to various platforms
  • Wide Suitability

Visit Lucidchart

8. Family Echo

Family Echo is an online free genogram maker which comes with auto-fill nodes, it means you need to select the elements, Family echo automatically adjust it according to the gender and relationship. Whatever you make changes on your let screen it will displayed over right screen. You can add personal detail of each elements as well as contact and biographical details on left side. The element collection is easily movable over the template. If you required any customization on any element of template then you can do by selecting and editing options.


  • Web based online tool
  • Auto-fill nodes
  • easy customization
  • Add family members and characteristics with ease

Visit Family Echo

9. Template

Template is not exactly a genogram maker but it provides the wide collection of genogram templates as name suggests. You can download the templates free of cost and export to the MS word or any editable platform. Everything is ready made here, you just need to fill the boxes or elements after getting your preferred template. Moreover, you can download a blank template and add your boxes in other platform such as in word or in canva. This free genogram maker is highly recommendable if you are in a hurry.


  • Ready made templates
  • Export to any platforms
  • Quick results
  • Just required to fill the boxes
  • Not useful for clinical records
  • Visit Template

10. Wingeno

Wingeno is a free diagram as well as genogram maker for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. However it doesn't display social and emotional relationship of any personality. Wingeno also supports 4 different languages including English, French, German, and Spanish. To continue with Wingeno, you need to download its application and install on your device. Head to the any template and customize to get your desired results.


  • Free genogram maker
  • Support Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Support various languages
  • Easy customisable templates
  • Not available for Web

Visit Wingeno

11. Smartdraw

If you would like to generate a genogram completely your own then smartdraw is best genogram maker for you. Just add the family members, it automatically generate a family tree or genogram for you. However, it doesn't limited to only fresh start, you can also use ready made templates and customise in a way you want. You can save it to your device or otherwise insert it into a Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint document or any Google Workspace app like Google Docs and Google Sheets.


  • Automatic genogram generator
  • Ready made or fresh start templates
  • Export easily to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Workspace
  • Huge collection of symbols

Visit Smartdraw


These are the best free genogram maker application and websites that are available so far. As you read above, all these tools are very simple to use and easy to customize. It is quite easy to describe physical characteristics, medical records, hereditary history, and relationships. However, genogram tools are not much in use in modern technology but when required then these are the best free genogram maker available. We are also do not recommend using paid tools as free are sufficient for tasks done. Free tools come with tons of free templates and symbols that are essential to generate impressive genograms.

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