How to Convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11

How to Convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11

 Are you also struggling to convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11? The, your search will end here. iOS (iPhone) and Windows is most popular and widely used operating system as well as loved by billions of users. But both of two are very different and have their own working style and design. Such a major difference we see in image and photo format of iOS and Windows.

How to Convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11

If you don't know, we wish to let you know that HEIC or High Efficiency Image Container is popular image format which is only compatible in iOS and Mac OS by default. In any case, you share it on your windows devices, you can not able to open it. But it doesn't mean that you can't do it ever, there are different ways to do so. In this guide, we will let you learn how to convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11. You don't need to follow any intricate process, just follow the given guide below.

What HEIC format

HEIC format was developed by Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG) and a default image file format for Apple devices including iPhone and Mac OS. Although, JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc were exist already and popular worldwide, yet MPEG launch HEIC. It is considered and certified by experts that this format is much smaller in size without sacrificing the quality of images. Even it doesn't need various compression tools as we use in Windows and Android devices. Also, HEIC images features 16-bit colors, burst images, and iPhone’s signature feature such as Live photos. The only drawback of this format is that it is not widely recognised and need to convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11.

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How to convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11

Assume that you had shared a image file to windows 11 which is in HEIC format and try to open it. You can see that when you tap on the image to open it, you will get Unsupported file error. Along it with, you will get a warning message "The HEVC Video Extension is required to display this file". Now, you have two options to open HEIC image on windows 11:

  1. HEIC Image viewer
  2. HEVC video extension

Before jumping on these two methods of image viewer, we first learn our main topic of how to convert HEIC to jpeg in windows 11.

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How to convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 11

To convert HEIC  format to jpeg format, first we have to download "iMaging HEIC converter" app which is easily available on Windows Microsoft Store. Follow below steps to download and convert heic to jpeg on windows 11:

  • Click on Start button on your device and open Microsoft store
  • Tap on the search bar and type iMaging HEIC converter and hit on search icon
  • When new screen open, you can see the iMaging HEIC converter on results
  • Tap on that and click on Get button. It start download, once downloaded, ready to launch it
  • Open the application by tapping on Open option and let the app sync
  • Now, you are ready to use it. Click on menu option, and click on open files button
  • Select any heic image from your device which you want to convert and click on open
  • Before open, you have other various options like the selection of Format (jpg, jpeg, png, etc). Make sure, you have selected desired format
  • Use the quality slider to set the level of quality. For utmost quality set it 100
  • Once all done, click on 'convert' button. Select your desired folder where you want to save and click on OK
  • You will get a pop up message of "Successful Conversion". These can be accessed promptly through show files option

This is popular and convenient method to convert heic to jpeg on windows 11. 

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Convert HEIC to JPEG on Mac OS

Conversion to jpeg on Mac is comparatively very easy with respect to windows. This is done easily by Mac's Photo App.

  • Open the Photos app on your Mac and select the file you want to convert
  • Move the cursor to export option, select export, then export photo from drop down menu
  • Also select the JPG, JPEG, PNG format, and click on export option by selecting the location of saving file

Convert HEIC to JPEG on windows 11 using CopyTrans

CopyTrans is a third party application on windows to convert heic to jpeg. This is a simple app, however, does not allow batch conversion but individual. Download the CopyTrans on your PC and follow the below steps to convert heic to jpeg on windows 11:

  • Open the application and select any heic file from your computer
  • Right click on selected photo and locate cursor to "Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans" and tap on it.
  • Your selected heic file will be converted to JPEG file with CopyTrans

Convert using online converter

Online converter is more convenient for some users as it doesn't need any installation of softwares. There are various online converters but we find one most reliable online converter "HEIC2JPEG". Let see how it convert heic to jpeg on windows 11:

  • First visit HEIC2JPEG by using any convenient browser
  • Upload heic image/file from your PC by clicking on Upload Files
  • Once file is uploaded, click on convert button
  • Wait for a while till it convert heic file to jpeg file
  • After conversion completed, click on download file and jpeg format file will be downloaded on your PC on download location

Convert HEIC to JPEG using HEIC to JPEG app

HEIC to JPEG app is a free application on Microsoft app store which is also simple to use. You just need to download and install the application from the Store. Once it is launched, you need to drop your file and hit the Convert button the same way as did in the above mentioned method. The difference is only with online websites and the application. You can access your converted file from the application itself.


HEIC is not very popular method of image format but essential or mandatory for iOS users. This is the only default format available across all devices. So, when you share images from your Apple device to your brand new windows 11, unfortunately, you can open it on windows directly. You have follow some tricks, install some applications, or visit websites to convert HEIC to JPEG on windows 11. We mentioned the best available methods for this conversion and all the methods are easy as well as free. Just follow some simple steps as we described, and it will easy to do.

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