How to Find the details of your Laptop [6 Ways]

How to Find the details of your Laptop [6 Ways]

 Whether you are a student, professional, any other, Laptops are the common smart devices. Do you ever question yourself 'what kind of laptop do I have? The most probable answer is- NO. Because we just care of our work done but when faced any technical issues or want to change the battery, installing new graphics or need to repair any other parts then this information is of utmost importance.

How to Find the details of your Laptop

Today, we are going to explain to you the best 6 ways to know what type of laptop you have. These are the best and foolproof methods and are highly recommended. After all, it could be crucial information for you. If you want to replace any parts then you should have this information to install the correct part.

How To Find What type of laptop do I have

There are 6 ways to find what laptop do i have

  1. Laptop Control Panel
  2. Laptop Body
  3. Sticker in Body
  4. Manufacturer Website
  5. Use Keyboard Command
  6. Find Laptop Serial Number from Command Prompt

1. Laptop Control Panel 

This is the simplest and easily accessible method to know which type of laptop you have. As a smartphone, laptops also have specific features/characteristics that define the type of the laptop. Every manufacturer company envisages this feature in laptop and it can be easily accessed by the system. Let me explain you step by step:

  • Open your laptop (Login to dashboard)
  • Heads to the control panel, if you don't know where it is then simply go to the search bar in the screen and type system (search bar is located top-left side)

  • Remember, For Window 7, it is 'System and Security while for Window 10, it is 'System Security'
  • Once you get the 'system click on it and a new screen appears in front of you
  • This screen includes all the information related to your laptop

The control panel (system) is the brain of the device. It contains the following information that answers your question 'what type of laptop I have:

  • Device name
  • Processor 
  • Installed RAM 
  • Device ID
  • Product ID
  • System type
  • Serial Number
  • Software ID
  • Motherboard ID
  • Total Storage 

2. Laptop Body

This is another simplest method to know the answer of what type of laptop I have. In this technique, you don't need to search for something even not necessary to unlock your laptop. Surprised? You might. But it's true. However, if your laptop is too old then there is the possibility that it won't work for you appropriately (though less chance that it won't work)

  • Fasten your laptop properly
  • Flip back side and move to the bottom of the body
  • Here you will find something written or printed and this is the exactly you searching for
  • This is the area where laptop specifications are mentioned (See Screenshot below)

However, it will not illustrate all the details but have the following that gives you an idea about the laptop you have:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number 
  • Manufacturing date
  • Manufacturer company
  • FCC ID
  • Storage
  • Certifications

The above information may vary according to the company. All the details may or may not be available on every laptop.


3. Sticker in Body

This may sound weird but if you have a brand new laptop then it has a sticker as generally every new device or product has it. These stickers envisage various specifications of products. Whether you have a laptop from Dell, Asus, HP, Lenovo, or any specific brand, you can easily track the details of your laptop.

This sticker usually affixes on the left bottom on the right bottom of the keyboard And sometimes in the backside of the laptop body. The sticker has the information of:

  • Model Number
  • Certified ID
  • Serial Number
  • Product name

You can easily track other details with help from the model number and serial ID. What type of information available on the sticker is depends on your manufacturing company and OS designer.

4. Manufacturer Website

I hope you already get the answer of what type of laptop do I have. But If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and still not cracked it then here is the Infallible Method that definitely helps you. But remember this method is not for work on Mac device, for Mac I also mentioned below that is rather easy.

  • Heads to the website of the manufacturer company (I am assuming, you at least know the company name)
  • You can easily find the 'Support Tab' here, then click on it. ( Here we have mentioned Lenovo Support Page, If you want to know any other brands laptop just type your Laptop Company name + Support on Google. Example: "Lenovo Support"
  • Carefully notice this page, you will find the option 'detect your hardware'

This is the program named 'detect your hardware'. You have to download and run this program and it will automatically put all the details of your laptop on your screen.

For Mac User, Just check your Mac Screen. At the left-upper corner, and the Apple icon is available, click on it. You can see various options there but simply tap on the 'About this Mac'. Just it. A new screen will emerge in front of you which contains the Company name, Model Number, and Manufacturing date.

5. Use Keyboard Command

This is a remarkable technique to explore all the details of your laptop or any PC. This is actually not a Keyboard command but you can't in initiates the method without a keyboard.

  • Open your laptop screen and press 'Windows and 'R' key simultaneously (here R is for a run)


  • If your PC/Laptop has version Windows 7 or later, you can also right-click the Start menu and then click Run.
  • Now it asked you to type the name of any document, program, or folder
  • Type 'msinfo32' in front of the 'Open' title and tap on the OK
  • The As soon as you click on OK, it will open a new screen with Windows System Information utility

It contains almost every information which a laptop has. The major knowledge it provides is slowing:

  • System Name
  • System Model
  • OS and System Manufacturer
  • System type
  • System SKU
  • Controller version
  • Manufacturing date
  • Baseboard Model name, and Manufacturer name

After following this method, you get all the information and answer of what type of laptop do I have.

6. Find Laptop Serial Number From Command Prompt

This Command only works for following make Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Avita

  • Turn on your system and click Windows button + R on your keyboard.
  • It will appear Run Command as mentioned below snap.

  • Type cmd and click on OK button, it will redirect to command prompt page.

  • When Command Prompt is opened just type “wmic bios get serialnumber” (without any special keys) & click on enter button, it will display your laptop serial number.

Final Words

We hope you got your answer of 'what type of laptop do I have. If you bought a laptop today then it is obvious that you need to do maintenance in time or may need to replace some faulty parts. But if you do not have the information regarding r laptop then it is hard to discover the correct component for it.

Even if you installed any part then it may not function properly. So, system information becomes very crucial for any purpose. If you have still any doubt or query regarding the laptop you have then do forget to let us know through comments. We are always happy and committed to pro providing the best solutions.

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