How to Get BritBox on Firestick [Complete Guide]

How to Get BritBox on Firestick [Complete Guide]

 If you own an Amazon Firestick and also have a BritBox subscription but after all these, you are still not able to install BritBox on Firestick then you are the right place. You are not the only one who are struggling to get BritBox on firestick. As you know BritBox on firestick is available since February 2020, and the demand for the same is skyrocketing. We almost daily get such Emails or queries on how to install BritBox on firestick. So instead of replying individually, we decide to cover all details in single article. Earlier, we also formulate a full guide on how to get Vudu on Firestick, you can check it also. This tutorial is full of all information that ever hit on your mind while installing BritBox on firestick.

What is BritBox?

BritBox is an outstanding streaming platform as other available on market owned by BBC and ITV studios. What make it different from others? BritBox mainly focus on British content which includes film, TV shows & series, Documentaries, etc. BritBox services only available in four countries namely; US, UK, Canada, and Australia (recently in November 2020). This allows you to stream all popular movies and TV shows even that aired last in 24 hours (by ‘Now’ feature)

How to Get BritBox on Firestick

Is BritBox available on Firestick?

Yes. However, earlier BritBox was not available on Firestick when it was officially discontinued in 2019. After it discontinued, users roamed for illegal methods and sideways downloading process to watch BritBox on Firestick. But BritBox make again comeback in February 2020 and officially announced for Firestick also. Now, you can easily stream BritBox on firestick.

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In which countries BritBox accessible?

BritBox is currently available on 4 British countries. UK, US, Canada, and Australia is added recently.

Is BritBox available all models of Firestick?

Yes. BritBox is available in all old as well as new Firestick devices including 3rd Gen, Lite, 4K, 3rd Gen Pendant, Smart TV edition, etc.

How to get BritBox on Firestick?

As we already mentioned that BritBox get official launched on Firestick, so we will not including any illegal way to do so.

Popularly, there is two ways to watch BritBox on Firestick:

  1. Watch using Amazon Prime
  2. By installing BritBox in Firestick

#1. Watch BritBox on Firestick using Amazon Prime

This method is very useful if you do not want to install BritBox on Firestick but still want to stream BritBox Movies & TV Shows on your firestick. However, you should have Amazon Prime subscription otherwise it won’t work.

We are assuming, you have Amazon Prime installed on your firestick, if not then download and install from firestick’s App store.

Step 1- Download and install Amazon Prime on Firestick

Step 2- Click on launch button after installation

Step 3- Create your Amazon Prime account, If already have one then put your login credentials.

Step 4- Once all set, scroll down and select Prime video channels

Step 5- Your screen results various channels, select BritBox channel among them

Step 6- All BritBox movies & TV shows now appears on your screen, You can tap on any item you want to stream

Step 7- It will ask you to continue with 7 days free trial on BritBox, click on that

Step 8- In final step, log in with your BritBox credentials and stream anything you want

#2. Install BritBox on Firestick

This method is bit sophisticated than earlier as you not just need to install BritBox, but also need to activate on your Firestick. But don't worry, just follow the all steps carefully, you will get over it. Before begin, you should have strong internet or WiFi connection and enable power connection.

Step 1- At the home screen of your Firestick, you find a search icon on left-top corner

Step 2- Tap on search icon and type BritBox on search bar

Step 3- Tap on BritBox icon and then click on Get

Step 4- Let the App to finishing download and click on launch after downloaded

The installation and launching process is complete but you are not yet ready to stream the channels. You need activate it or in simple language, the sign up process. However, it is more than a simple sign up, so follow each step carefully, otherwise BritBox will not activate.

Step 1- Enter into the installed BritBox application

Step 2- Click on Start your 7 day Free-trial

Step 3- In new screen, it will ask you to enter your log in credentials

Step 4- If you do not have account then sign up by providing basic information like name, email, password, address, etc

Step 5- After filling all required information, click on Create account and continue button

Step 6- Now you have to select any subscription plan of your choice (mandatory) whether monthly or annual

Step 7- Add your payment method and complete the payment to get subscription of BritBox on Firestick

Step 8- Click on submit button and payment will processed

Now you can sign in to your BritBox account but you still need to activate to stream. When you sign in, it will display 6 digit activation code on your BritBox welcome page and you need to append it on your browser. This step is quite simple, just follow the below steps to complete the activation process:

Step 1- Browse on your PC or smartphone

Step 2- Sign in your BritBox account which you created previous steps

Step 3- Once sign in, you will asked to enter 6 digit activation code

Step 4- Enter the 6 digit code on blank area and click on continue

Step 5- Back to your BritBox account on Firestick, the activation screen now disappear

Step 6- It finished! Click on Start Watching and stream your favourite movies and TV shows

How it is better than other Streaming Services like Netflix?

It is absolutely far better than other streaming services but only in specific countries. As we said, BritBox is only available on 4 countries viz; US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The subscription cost of Britbox is drastically low (£5.99) compare to the Netflix and others.

BritBox is popular for streaming of famous British Movies and TV shows. 

What are the subscription plans of BritBox?

BritBox comes with 2 plans: Monthly (£5.99 per month) and Annual (£59.99 per year).

Will BritBox available in other countries too?

Although, we don't have any updates regarding it neither company make any such announcements yet we are hoping it soon.

Can I Stream Britbox on Firestick Free?

No. There is no way to do so, even if you get through any illegal way, it will include in punishable offense.


Hopefully, Now you are aware of how to get BritBox on Firestick. Internet media and streaming devices bring the entertainment industry on your tip. Amazon Prime, Firestick TV, Smart TV, BritBox, etc are one of them. BritBox are specifically modeled for British Films and TV shows across US, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can watch any popular Movies and TV shows to any date back. We formulated the best and easiest guide available on the Internet to get the BritBox on your Firestick.

We mentioned two methods to install BritBox with a detailed tutorial. Remember, whatever method you prefer, you should have Subscription of BritBox. Apart from subscription cost (monthly or annually), you don't have to pay any fee, so do not get trapped on any spammy methods. If you still have any queries or hinder in the installation and activation, let us know, we will help you out.

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