How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

 Do you know how to recover unsaved word document? If not, then keep reading. We are sharing some precious tips below(They are Free!). Don't forget to check our Free Bonus Tip in the end.

Word documents are considered to be the best for jotting down any content for anyone; from School students to the honored researcher. We also inscribe most of the articles in word documents. This is simple to write, equipped with all necessary tabs, autosave, and even files preserved offline mode.

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

Despite the excellent features and outlines, we faced abundant scenarios when we accidentally lost our files, sometimes in a hurry, sometimes they remained unsaved, and all our heavy endeavors went to vain. This could be an intense huge loss.

You may have created these files after sitting hours or maybe days, so you can not simply let go of your documents. So, we have good news for you, we have come up with the best ways on how to recover an unsaved word document. Whatever the reasons for losing your documents, you still can recover them. These techniques are easier to follow than you anticipate.

1. How to Recover unsaved word document using Autosave Feature

Microsoft Word has an in-built Autosave feature that helps to recover unsaved word documents automatically. You have to follow the below steps to recover unsaved files. This is the simple method in which you can recover unsaved word documents with the help of the Autosave feature of the app itself.

  • Open the Microsoft word (or where you perform your word tasks)
  • Heads to the File button located in the upper-left corner of the dashboard
  • A drop-down menu appears on the screen, select manage document out of it
  • Now choose to recover unsaved files
  • You can see various unsaved documents
  • Select any file that you want to recover and open the file
  • Now click on the save as button at the top of the document and save the changes

These recovered files are saved in AutoRecover file location under save documents.

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2. Recover files when the system crashed

When any system is clogged or multiple functions running simultaneously then there is a high possibility of system crashes. In these cases, the important documents may remain unsaved. But you can recover these files with the simple method explained below. This could be the best result for how to recover unsaved word document.


  • First and foremost, restart your computer, Mac, or any device
  • Now heads to the document recovery section through the upper-left-hand menu bar
  • You can see the number of unsaved files there, click on any file you want to recover
  • Then right-click on a particular file and click on save as and saved them in the desired location 

3. How to Recover unsaved word document on Mac

The procedure of recovering the word file in word software and computers is somewhat similar but Mac follows distinct systems. The best answer for how to recover an unsaved word document on a Mac is explained below.

  • First, open the finder on the Mac. You can use shortcuts; Option+Command+Space. This starts the “searching this Mac” window in front of you
  • Now select the location. We recommend selecting the entire Mac as a location
  • Enter AutoRecovery in the search box and press Enter/Ok
  • You will get a list of different files
  • Double click on the file you want to recover, this will open the document in Word as the above methods
  • Now you can easily save the file by simply tap on save as (you can change the file name or save as it is)

By following the above simple procedure, you can easily recover unsaved documents on Mac. Use every technique carefully, don't be in a hurry otherwise you may lose files forever.

4. Activate Autosave

Above mentioned methods enable you to recover lost or unsaved files, but we all believe prevention is better than the cure. As we may be out of network sometimes, we have to take care of our documents and not get lost. For that, you can activate Autosave in the Word app (on any device).

  • Heads to the word options in your system (for word 2010 & later, first head to the File tab then select Options 
  • A menu list opens on the left side, select and click on Save in the list.
  • Once you click on the save option, you can see a new pop up screen on your system with the name save documents
  • You manage this screen according to your preferences like file save format and Save AutoRecover information time
  • You can manage this time, by default it is 10minutes. It means your Word documents will automatically save every 10 minutes
  • You can adjust the timer from 1minute to 120 minutes (recommended time is 10 minutes as shorter than it could infuriate you)

Remember, You should also observe that AutoSave does not protect your file. But it saves the information that Word can utilize to restore your file.

5. How to Recover unsaved word document with Temporary files

This may sound weird but Word holds the unsaved documents as temporary files whether you saved them or not. Every work you do on your system will save you somewhere, the need to find it. Temporary files are the files that computers/Mac/smartphones store as temporary files. We described below how to recover unsaved word document.


  • First heads to the computer screen and go to search bar
  • Type (.temp) in the search box 
  • It shows various data on the screen but clicks on documents only
  • You may not get the exact document you are searching for
  • You have to carefully check the date when you created a particular document 
  • Once you get the date of file creation(it's like doing a prediction if you don't know the exact date), select and open it on the Word app, and finally save it.

The above method is the last resort to try if you are not able to recover your documents from other methods. Instead of(.temp), you can also use a simple (~) sign and follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

Bonus Tip: Create Auto Backup

Auto backup options save you from being trapped in these situations again. You don't have to run for tricks and techniques on how to recover unsaved word document. Simply create an auto backup. Follow the below instructions:

Go to Word on your system and open the file menu, heads to the Word Options. A drop-down menu appears on the screen. Select the Advanced option from it. Now Scroll down you will find the Save section. This section contains four options along with tick boxes in front of them. Just make a tick on the 2nd option, always create a backup copy. Now whenever you create a word document, it will make an automatic backup.

Final Words

Loss of Word documents is a common phenomenon especially if you entirely rely on it. Sometimes due to the failure of the network connection and sometimes in a hustle to finish work, we may lose a critical document. So first thing first, Never do work in a rush. To save one or two minutes, you may forfeit hours of the work in seconds. However, if you still relinquish your word document then don't be terrified.

We mentioned the best methods on how to recover unsaved word document or how to recover an unsaved word document on Mac. Just follow the steps and recover unsaved files. It is highly recommended to make a backup of your words documents, to do this follow our Bonus tip. And if also have any doubts then don't forget to ping us through the comment section.

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