How to Recreate Corrupted User Profile in Windows 10

How to Recreate Corrupted User Profile in Windows 10

 The user profile is the most important and key element of Windows 10 and we can't expect any functions without having a healthy user profile. But this profile is sometimes corrupted due to corrupted registry keys or failed Windows Updates or some other reasons. For proper function, users have to recreate corrupted user profile on Windows 10. Before going deep into this topic, you must know why the user profile has so much importance.

How to Recreate Corrupted User Profile in Windows 10

It contains several settings like sound, screensavers, desktop backgrounds, taskbar preferences, and personal folders. Apart from that, critical passwords and personal data are stored there. We are going to tell you the easy way to recreate user profile but before doing that we recommend you rename an existing profile to overcome unwanted casualty.

Why do user profiles get corrupted?

There could be many aspects of profile corruption, we listed the most common reasons before we discuss how to recreate corrupted user profile in windows 10. Sometimes you may not know the reason, which makes situations worst. But we found the major reasons for corrupted user profiles:

  • Failed necessary auto updation which is useful for critical system files
  • Damaged hard drive due to disk errors and virus attacks
  • Corrupted registry key
  • Deleted user file directory

How to Recreate Corrupted User Profile in Windows 10

Remember, a corrupted user profile doesn't mean that you can not integrate activities on your system. Microsoft automatically lets you sign in with a temporary account, however, using a temporary account is not a safer option as you can lose critical data. To overcome these situations we have to recreate corrupted user profile. Follow the below steps for this:

  • First head to your File Explorer and search C/User under local disk

  • Here, you can see the user profile name, you have to edit this and save it (instead of deleting it)
  • Sometimes, this profile is archived under C/Windows.old, so also check there if you don't find it in C/User.

After editing the user profile name, next you need to Edit and Rename Registry File for Existing Profile to avoid any trouble logging into your account.

    • Open the Run Windows either by pressing Window+R or through the start button
    • Type regedit on blank space and click on the OK button

    • Make sure your Window must be open under the following address/location

    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

    • Here you find the HKEY USERS folder under among various folders

    • Under HKEY USERS, you can see different user profiles starting from S-1-5-21. On the Right-Hand side, you will find your specific user profile name is registered

    • When you find which one you want to Recreate then tap on it and add .old and save it

    That's it. You learned how to recreate corrupted user profile in Windows 10. 

    How do I know whether I correctly recreate corrupted user Profile 

    To confirm and for the proper working of your system, now we have to follow one more step. You have to log in again with the same username and password as existing. The window system will automatically create a new user profile for future log-in. You have to Restart Your Windows 10 and log in with the same account.

    How to restore user profile instead of recreating 

    If you don't want to recreate corrupted user file then you can also restore your existing user profile. Follow the below steps for it:

    • Follow the above process and locate the C/User on your system and check if your profile shows there
    • If yes, tap on the start window and open a command prompt by typing CMD on the search box

    • When opened, type whoami/user in front of C/user and press Enter button

    • Here you will find Security Identifier (SID) key in the form of S-1-5-21 ----100-, note down this key

    • Now back to Window screen and Command Start+R
    • Type regedit on blank space and press enter
    • Under the ProfileList, find your noted SID key which has an extension of .bak or without .bak
    • If the SID key is listed with .bak at the end, right-click the SID key, select Rename, and rename the key to discard the .bak at the end of the key’s name and save
    • Now double-click the ProfileImagePath value name, enter the correct path of your user profile folder, and select OK.

    • Follow the same process if the SID key is listed without the .bak key.

    Finally, Restart your computer and sign in with the same username and password. If your corrupted file is not restored or repaired or you are not able to log in, then follow the above procedure of how to recreate corrupted user profile in Windows 10.

    How to Protect User Profiles to Get Corrupted

    As we discussed, there are many reasons for getting a user profile corrupted. But we can protect user profiles by continuous management of your system. Some of the supervision methods are following:

    • Add multiple users accounts for a system. This can be done by Window's setting. You can either add your family member or your other profiles.
    • Regular backup of user profile data, it save your PC when user profile get suddendly corrupted.
    • Update you Window's system or monitor critical updates which regularly suggest by window developers. Sometimes these updates are essential and fail to do so can corrupt your profile.
    • Create a hidden admin account.


    User profiles are the critical key element of your PC or Windows 10 that holds important files or data. And corrupted user profile means losing your important data. However, you can restore and recreate corrupted user profile in windows 10 by following the above-mentioned methods. Do not panic if you are not able to log in to the system, just be patient and calm down, technology has solutions to all problems.

    You should follow the prevention before the cure technique by regularly monitoring your system. The first method of restoring is to restart your PC multiple times because Windows has a very powerful restoring capability. When it still fails to restore then follow the recreation or restore the profile by following the above methods and commands. Hope you like this article and it helps to recreate or fix corrupted user profiles.

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