Best Methods to check the Internet speed

Best Methods to check the Internet speed

How to check Internet speed

Are you fed up with the speed of internet and you can't find the status? Is your internet is Sluggish? If Your Answer is yes, the only way for that is to check your internet speed. Mobile is the most significant substance in every person's life. If there is no Speed for the internet then there is not much use with a mobile phone. If You are Streaming browsing the internet will give you much loading time. we have brought some good news for you. 

Best Methods to check the Internet speed

Now You can easily find internet speed. There are two ways to find Internet speed One With Application and One The Website.

Find Internet speed [Online Website]

1. Open Any Browser on Mobile Or Computer

2. Go to OOkla Speed test

3. From the new window You ca see a "GO" button, click on that to Check Your Internet speed 

5. New Box Will Display With The Information about all regarding your internet speed.

Check Internet Speed [Application]

This Application will provide an online speed checker to enhance the user experience time.You can also check the detailed reports of your past tests to track any improvement in the connection. also, let you know where you can enjoy a stronger connection and speed.

  1. Download 5G Mark Application
  2. Click On Go Button Simply 
  3. New Interference will appear will all information about your internet
  4. Also, Show The Place where we get more speed 

Tricks to Improve Your Internet Speed

  1. Clean The Cache Files from your mobile phone
  2. Remove the apps from your phone that you don't use
  3. Use A Faster Browser in Your Phone
  4. Enable text mode
  5. Select 3G or 4G option
  6. Use Maximum Data Loading Option.

Test your connection speed and enjoy browsing or streaming by boosting the performance of your mobile internet connection. Thanks For Reading. share This With your relatives and Friends.

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