How to enable SOS Emergency Option on your Smartphone

How to enable SOS Emergency Option on your Smartphone 

SOS emergence option is used in every emergency situation. Using this feature you can call to emergency number without unlocking the phone, without opening a call, without dialing the number. Just clicking three buttons you can do all these things. it's easy to do  that, every phone has this feature. all android and iOS phone have this is very useful option that no one knows.
How to enable SOS Emergency Option on your Smartphone

 In this post "How to enable SOS Emergency Option on your Smartphone" I will show you how to enable the SOS emergence option. this option will help you in emergency situations. Using this option you can send your location without unlocking phone.

Uses OF SOS Emergence Option

  • Can make a call without unlocking phone
  • We can send our location to without unlocking phone
  • Can make calls to Emergency number 112

Enable SOS Emergency option

  • Open Settings
  • search SOS 

  • Take SOS emergence option

  • Click on SOS Emergence 

  • Enable It
  • Select create contact o rset select contact option
  • Now the SOS Option is enabled

By clicking three times power button emergency call and message will automatically send to the person that had set already. This very useful at dangerous moments. So also you please enable this option and send this trick to your belongings may be they didn't enabled this option. So it will be very useful to them also. Thanks for reading my article...