How to Fix Telegram File Missing problem in Device storage

How to Fix Telegram File Missing problem in Device storage

How to Fix Telegram File Missing problem in Device storage

Telegram is the Most Popular Application Right Now, current day there are more users of telegram than WhatsApp, its because of its user friendly things and everything can be get from there just like a browser. There Are Many Users With This Telegram. Most of the people where using telegram for downloading movies and for chatting purpose. Nowadays telegram has some error issues downloaded files are not showing in the file manager or gallery. 

How to Fix Telegram File Missing problem in Device storage

So I had found a trick to solve this problem. It is very easy you need to follow steps. Read My Article. Telegram is the Best choice for Popular instant messaging applications. A telegram came with more masses when WhatsApp changed its privacy policy.

We have sorted some solution for Fixing Telegram File Missing problem in Device storage, these methods are worked for us, and try this methods in you device, and comment below if it worked or not. Your comments and suggestions are valuable for us, and may help others too.

Why Telegram Files is Not Showing In File Manager?

After android 11 Update most the People Cant See Telegram file, pdf, images...Google Files Are Also Not showing Telegram Files.

Fix Telegram File missing issue

1.An Up-down  Telegram

Uninstall Current telegram application and then download older version of Telegram (8.1.1) Up down Website Provide The Older version of Telegram. The files will be showing in file manager or gallery. This trick also work in android 11.

2.Find New Location of File

If You Are Not seeing your telegram files in your file manager. Follow my steps bellow.

  • Open File Manager in Mobile
  • Open android folder
  • If You see message like "The contents of this folder can't be displayed here due to android 11 restrictions"
  • Click on view files
  • Select again android - Data
  • Open org.telegram.messenger
  • Click on files
  • Select telegram 
  • There you can see your telegram files.

3. Download Files Manually

This Method Is Only For Those Who are not seeing their telegram files in File manager. You can Also Do this trick if the 2nd One Doesn't worked for you

Below Steps are downloading telegram files manually.

  • Open Telegram in your mobile
  • Open Chat or group
  • Find Your Media To download
  • There you can see three dots on your file
  • If you are unable to see dots. Tap On Media File to enlarge it
  • Click on "Save to downloads"
  • Done

Since this Issue was reported telegram made new updates but it doesn't worked. we hope telegram will work on this Problem and will fix it till it you can use these method.

We hope this Tricks Will Help you will help to find telegram file on file manger If You like My Article please share this Will Friends and relatives.

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