How to fix WhatsApp images not showing in gallery

How to fix WhatsApp images not showing in gallery

 How to fix WhatsApp images not showing in gallery

WhatsApp is a most popular application nowadays. Everyone will be have WhatsApp in their mobile phone WhatsApp is using more for chatting and sending images videos posting status. But nowadays many people facing that WhatsApp images and videos are not seen in their gallery so today I will show you how to fix this problem read my article. Here is the solution for this problem

How to fix WhatsApp images not showing in gallery

1. Check whether image is Downloaded or not

Some Times WhatsApp Will Automatically Downland Images And Video will Be Available in your gallery But Sometimes WhatsApp will not download it Automatically. So First Check It

2. Media Visibility Permission

If You Denied Media visibility permission the images and videos will not show in gallery. For making this media visibility permission follow my steps.

  •  Open WhatsApp and click on three dots
  • Click on settings and open chat
  • Find you media visibility toggle button
  •  Make the button on
  •  Now you can see your WhatsApp images in your gallery

3. Send Photos and Video Are Not Showing

 Sometimes the send images in WhatsApp will not show in your gallery. Fixing this problem follow my steps bellow

  •  Open File Manager in your mobile
  •  Open Device storage
  •  Open WhatsApp folder > media WhatsApp images
  •  Click on Send folder
  •  In Send folder click on three dots right side
  •  Click on edit
  • delete .nomedia File

 Now you can see the sent on your gallery WhatsApp images we hope you had understand my article. If this article is very useful for you share this article to your friends and relatives..

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