How to post 60 second stories on Instagram

How to post 60 second stories on Instagram

 How to post 60-second stories on Instagram

Instagram is popular social media that every person should maybe have more than 1 account. every popular famous person has an account on Instagram. People are racing to get more followers and likes on Instagram. there are many features for Instagram. like sharing stories is one of the best features that most peoples use. through stories, we can update our viewers and also can gain more followers and likes. through this Instagram platform most people get famous and get popularised.
How to post 60 second stories on Instagram

On Instagram, we can only post 30-second videos only in stories so I found a solution for that I had found a way to post stories more than 60 seconds. It's very simple to do that. follow my steps down below.

Meta Had made it possible to post 60-second stories. the stories daty only for 24 hours. The video will not be there forever.

The downside of the Instagram stories is its 15-second limit

There are many editing apps for cutting videos to 15 seconds.
nowadays Instagram started cutting longer videos into short 15 seconds automatically and allowing posters to post their continuation. Finally, they introduced a new feature to upload 60-second stories. I  think it's a nice update made by Instagram.

How to get longer 60-second stories

The feature is on Instagram. If you cant post 60-second stories please go to play store and search Instagram and click on update the button.after updating check it on instagram you can post 60 second stories on Instagram.post60-second longer 60-second stories also can be done in IOS also 

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