How to Share Android Mobile screen with another Mobile

Share Android Mobile screen with another Mobile 

We can see other's mobile screens on our mobile easily and also we can control their mobile from our mobile. all things we can control. Don't use this trick for malpractice, this post "Share Android Mobile screen with another Mobile " only for educational purposes
How to Share Android Mobile screen with another Mobile

In this post we just show you that we can do these tricks with our mobile easily we need to just download the application that is available on the play store. we provide a link to the application for downloading the application if you want to control another phone we just need that mobile phone for 5 minutes. Then we can just easily control their phone easily. after the 5 minutes we don't need their phone we can control their phone using your mobile phone. let's start our work. don't miss out on any steps read carefully. application link provided at bottom of this post.

Follow these to share Screen between two Mobiles

  • Take phone you have to Share the screen
  • open application

Click on three dots upside of your screen

Click on settings 

click general


click on setup alias

type any username there 

go back and click on security

click on first option always show incoming session requests 

scrolls down and click on enable unattended access set password there

go back to the main interference and search the username of the mobile you have to mirror

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