How to transfer contacts from Gmail to iPhone

How to transfer contacts from Gmail to iPhone

How to transfer contacts from the Gmail application to iPhone

The primary method to connect contacts is to utilize the direct method, which involves using contacts stored in your Gmail account. It is essential to note that your Gmail, as well as Google Account, is known to save all your data in sync, and that includes contacts too. 

How to transfer contacts from Gmail to iPhone

For this, you'll need only access to your Google Account and WIFI. If you'd like to know how to transfer contacts from your iPhone to Gmail Follow the instructions below:

Contacts to Gmail to iPhone

Although you are able to can associate your Google account to your iPhone it's not as smooth as it is with your Android device. But, you can add the Google contacts on your iPhone with two methods to do it. This guide will cover the two options to assist you in getting your Google contacts back on the iOS device you own.


How do I import Google Contacts into iPhone by synchronizing

Can I directly connect Google contacts to iPhone? Sure. In the beginning, we'll provide you with the steps to help you get Google contacts on your iPhone directly.

How do I transfer my contacts from Gmail into my iPhone?

The methods for transferring Google contacts on to iPhone are a bit different depending on the operating system of the iPhone. In the next section, we'll split into two distinct scenarios to provide the complete methods of syncing for your reference.

Follow the steps in this article If you're iPhone is running iOS 7 or later:

  • Click " Settings" > "Mail, Contacts Calendars" within your iPhone.
  • Click " Add Account" and then select " Google" as the option.
  • Complete your Google account details, such as your name, email address as well as password, and description.
  • " Next" and tap " Next".
  • On " Contacts" and then tap "Contacts", then click the "Save" button located on the right-hand side of the screen to save Google contact information to iPhone.

Enter the login details of your Google account then proceed. On the next screen switch the toggle for Contacts to the off position and it will begin to sync the contacts on Google to your iPhone. Google accounts to your iPhone.

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