Take HDMI output from any Android Mobile with TV | hdmi splitter 1 in 2 out

Take HDMI output from any Android Mobile with TV | hdmi splitter 1 in 2 out

 Watching through Big Screen in 4K quality will make us comfort than small mobile screen, but making such a setup is high cost. There is an another idea that sharing screen from Mobile with your Big screen tv by taking HDMI output from any Android Mobile and Tablets. You just need to follow our steps to do this.

Take HDMI output from any Android Mobile with TV | hdmi splitter 1 in 2 out

premium phones like those in the Samsung Galaxy range do come with the option of displaying HDMI out via USB-C, however it's not common to find low-end tablets and phones that can support video output via HDMI.

It's not that the hardware in phones with low specs can't output onto a large display via HDMI but this feature is often not included when a manufacturer designs a phone to cut costs.

There are many people who don't have the money to paying the huge sums of money to buy top-of-the-line phones, the only choices are to utilize the casting capabilities when your phone supports Miracast and your television can receive the Miracast signal. Also, you can purchase an equipment for casting like one called a Google Chrome cast.

The issue with casting WiFi content can be that it could occasionally be slow It's fine for watching Youtube video on the big screen However, for other applications like gaming Android games on your TV, the input lag could be excessive and can ruin the experience.

There is a solution that can be found through the use of a USB dongle that promises to permit any Android phone or tablet that runs the version 4.4 or higher of Android or higher to transmit an HD 1080p signal. As you can see in this promotional image.

hdmi splitter 1 in 2 out

How to take HDMI output from any Android Mobile and connect with TV

The dongle comes with one large HDMI connector that allows you to plug it into a monitor or TV and a cable with two USB connectors at the ends. The first is a Micro USB/ USB Type-C connector that connects to your phone's USB port. The other is a full-size male USB connector that provides the dongle with electricity. Additionally, it has the benefit that the power source will be transferred to your phone when you use it, meaning you don't have to be concerned about the battery running out. This will depend on the power that is being supplied by your USB power source you're using.

Connecting the hardware fairly straightforward, however there is a software that is required prior to plugging into the dongle in order to allow it to output via HDMI. You must download Miraplug that is available via Google Play or the Google Play store or on their website.

After you have the application installed, it will recognize when you connect the dongle, and begin to stream the video through the HDMI. The app will also show the video on the tablet or phone screen, too.

About Audio

Another thing to be aware of is the fact that this adapter does not transmit the audio via HDMI and the dongle itself comes with an integrated Bluetooth receiver that is built-in and your phone will ask the user to sign in to the dongle's Bluetooth while the sound will also be sent to your television that way. It's unfortunate that it doesn't only work with HDMI however it's not a huge issue.

The dongle states that it can be used with any type and make of Android tablet or phone as provided that it runs Android 4.4 or greater and an Micro USB or USB Type C connector. We've tested it first time with an Samsung Galaxy A01 with a MicroUSB connector, and Motorola G Fast which as USB Type C connector. However, there may be compatibility issues with older models of phones.

What we have Experienced

We had no problems watching YouTube or playing back videos or playing games, as well as opening web browsers and other apps on the TV with this adapter. We were not able to play Netflix and Amazon Prime video as I think the DRM systems employed by these streaming services didn't match up when using this device records the phone output to transmit it via HDMI.

If you're seeking a method to stream Netflix on TV via your smartphone without the Chromecast however at the present moment, this dongle doesn't work. For other things that you'd rather do with a large screen TV, this model is fantastic with a very minimal delays. It can even permit you to use your smartphone as a desktop computer by connecting to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

You can purchase the dongle by clicking the Amazon link that is below.

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