9 Best Language Learning Apps You Need to Try

9 Best Language Learning Apps You Need to Try

There's no better time to learn an additional language than right now. If you've been thinking about an exciting trip abroad or are looking to find something exciting in your spare time, a conversational application is a great tool to own. It will help you increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar, and becomes proficient with basic lessons.
9 Best Language Learning Apps You Need to Try

Many of them have the ability to recognize speech, vital for great pronunciation. Whatever you're looking for you can find an application to help you learn it. Here are a few of the most popular language-learning apps to aid you in learning an entire language in a speedy manner.

Top Language Learning Apps in 2022


Duolingo is the first application to come to mind when the subject of learning languages is brought to light. This is why Duolingo has become an extremely popular program for language learning currently. The app offers games-like classes to help you learn more than 40 languages. To aid you to learn it, the app utilizes scientific methods of teaching. Lessons are adapted to your personal learning style and you are able to work with the full range of languages.

The lessons are also progressive so that every class is developed in line with the previous class. You can't advance until you've completed each step by obtaining all the correct answers. If you stop using the app for a long time period, it's going to need you to repeat the fundamental courses to make sure your skills haven't become old-fashioned. The application is free to use on phones as well as on the internet.


Memrise goes far beyond flashcards "click to hear" words and quizzes that help you learn about real-world scenarios. Instead, the "Learn with Locals" function lets you experience movies that feature real-world scenarios with locals. This helps you comprehend the language, phrases, and phrases spoken by people who have authentic accents, rather than dull or neutral accents.

The Pronunciation Mode will also assess your ability to speak. The app has 23 languages that are available, with a free version and an upgrade plan that cost 9 dollars per month. Memrise is available on the web and as a. mobile application on your smartphone..



Mondly offers a unique approach to learning languages. The classes in this app are focused on phrases rather than specific words right from the start providing you with the necessary abilities to facilitate rapid discussion. If you're looking for accurate pronunciation, you'll be able to take advantage of two features that the application is equipped with. It allows you to listen in on native speakers as well as a practice having real-time interaction with AI chatbots which analyze and assist you in speaking with the technology of voice recognition.

Mondly is especially helpful if English isn't your primary language. The majority of language apps offer classes in languages that are built on English and possibly a few other languages. If you want to take more than a few classes for free, you'll be required to sign-up for Mondly's subscription program which costs you $10 per month or $48 over the course of a year.

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Busuu offers feedback from native users to help in developing your skills and improving your language learning with plans and machine learning-enabled technology that mimic a regular class. The free program offers an educational path you can follow or leap ahead if prior understanding of the language. It is a great way to read, listen and speak frequently-used words prior to doing a couple of tasks to help you reinforce what you've learned. The program also provides an offline mode to practice even when you're disconnected from the Internet.

Although the free version provides plenty of information on learning languages You can also sign up for the premium version. This will allow you to have access to a study program, AI features, and many languages. Additionally, the app is accessible on mobile and the web, so it is possible to switch between the two such as your smartphone, and laptop to make it easier for you.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an innovator in the field of language learning for over two decades. It lets you choose from a variety of languages, and then create an outline of your study that describes your learning style with the app. You could use audio recognition to determine whether you're doing a good job by practicing the language.

If you're in the field You can use audio-based learning. This lets you learn when you are not looking at your gadget all the time. It is also possible to study by reading and speaking with local speakers by using the function of the story.


Each language you'd like to master comes with its own Study mobile application. Each app is easy to use allows offline usage and is different in the language it uses however, the overall features are identical. These programs include a variety of methods of learning, such as flashcards as well as audio quizzes, spaced repetition, and, much more.

If you're constantly on the go the app has an option to use hands-free, which is great since you can continue to study without looking at your phone. This app lets you make your own study sets that let you pick the specific phrases to study. If you're having difficulty recalling some phrases, put them into a study set and then study them separately from the other vocabulary.



Pimsleur is a language-learning software specifically designed to aid you in learning an entire language through listening in contrast to other programs which offer interactive games on the screen. Since Pimsleur utilizes an auditory format, it's easy to learn while on the move.

Speaking to native speakers helps in the rapid development of listening and lexical comprehension. The key to learning Pimsleur is to follow all the rules of the program to the strictest degree, such as daily lessons and reciting words whenever encouraged by native speakers.


MosaLingua is a complete language resource that comprises Italian, Spanish, and French. You can follow the normal program of lessons that starts with basic terms and numbers or choose from the various themed packs, including people and time or travel. This means you could take action immediately when you've already reviewed the fundamentals and wish to fill in the knowledge gaps. In addition, dialogues portraying real-life scenarios can help you learn more effectively.

Learning through a self-assessment flashcard method will help you to become educated about the terms in various ways, such as recording or speaking them out loud, as well as spelling them to unlock every memory channel. But, only a handful of the features of the app are offered for free, so you'd have to purchase for each language individually. The free version has enough content to be sufficient for a five-day study marathon.


Drop is a unique method of learning a language and is a great choice for visually impaired learners. Drops is a game was specifically designed to help you in growing your vocabulary. It achieves this by combining instruction with images and activities that match. The app's audio assists in learning pronunciation while it reads the texts.

Drop is a fascinating method that limits you by five to five minutes of learning every day. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed or trying to take in too much information. If you do decide to subscribe to its plan, it is an initial five-minute time limit.

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