Find who viewed your twitter profile

Find who viewed your twitter profile

Have you ever thought " Who viewed my Twitter profile?" If yes, then you're surely not alone. In fact, it could be useful to know if your future employer checking your Twitter profile or your Ex-girlfriend/Ex-boyfriend monitoring your social media. What is the best way to find out who has visited the Twitter profile? Continue reading to learn.

Since its launch, Twitter has remained one of the most widely used websites for social networking. It is used by both people as well as businesses. Approximately 500 million tweets can be shared each day. It's not just a hit with people who want to communicate with friends, but it also makes it simpler for businesses to promote their products and communicate with their clients.
Find who viewed your twitter profile

If you are looking to stay in contact via social networks, Twitter is an excellent option. If you're not familiar with Twitter you'll find that it alters your style of communication to only 140 words or less. The main reason for using Twitter for some users is to meet new people and to connect with other users on the internet. Twitter allows for this to be an easy task. Twitter is utilized by those who want to meet up with other people with similar interests. They also want to be up-to-date with the most recent developments and news.

In recent times privacy issues on social media have been a hot topic. Most users of social media want to control who has access to their profile and their content. however, the social media platforms provided useful privacy options including blocking comments, filtering comments or deleting comments or posts that are hidden from someone, recovering deleted tweets/posts and locking profiles, and many more. Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms utilized by people to connect with their friends online and to find out what's trending. Twitter is also an extremely popular method to track other users. Because of the explosive growth of users and the trend of stalking profiles of others is becoming more popular on social media sites, particularly on Twitter, Facebook along with Instagram. You may be curious about who recently visited your profile. Here are a few tips to use.

Can You See Who Views Your Twitter Profile?

In reality, it's not possible to determine who has viewed the Twitter account directly. Twitter does not have a way for users to view who's visited their profile. The reason for this is simple: privacy issues. Twitter provides all the data required to show who has viewed your Twitter profile, however it won't divulge the information to users for the fear of losing engagement.

Because a large number of Twitter users check other users' profiles with no activity or postings on their own If the company publishes details about their activities and users are notified, they may cease making use of the application, adversely affecting the Twitter business.

This article will provide you with instructions on how to find out who has visited your Twitter. These methods can be used below to discover who follows my Twitter account. Take your time reading and find out who follows your Twitter profile of yours.

  1. Log into Twitter with the Twitter Twitter username and password.
  2. On the left side, tap the More.
  3. When you click Analytics when you click Analytics when you click Analytics,, the Twitter Analytics page will appear
  4. When you are on the analytics page Click " Turn Analytics On".
  5. It will show you how many people have visited your profile on Twitter.

Utilizing Twitter Analytics, you can keep track of key metrics, including followers gained and lost impressions, clicks on links engagement rates tweet replies, retweets, tweet replies and more. The feature has been in use since 2014 and has been now available to all users of Twitter.

Other Methods to Check Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile


Hootsuite displays your Twitter analysis as well with information from all those other platforms. You don't have to search through all the platforms to locate the information you require -they're all on Hootsuite. Hootsuite dashboard.

Hootsuite lets you monitor the performance of your Twitter analytics. Incorporating all your accounts into one place can significantly ease the amount of work you have to do. You can tailor reports so that you can observe the social media metrics relevant to your company. You can also track the number of people who visit your Twitter page as well as the number of views posts receive and much more. In addition, you'll be able to monitor growth through benchmarks and discover the ideal time to make posts and also your overall return on investment.

If you have gained or lost followers during a certain duration of time the information will be visible on HootSuit's Twitter analytics page. It will also reveal the most popular user who followed you recently and the total number of clicks on your links, the number of clicks for a particular hyperlink, the engagement rate of each tweet as well as the tweet which mentions you the most as well as a whole lot more.


Crowdfire lets you monitor your Twitter followers and help you create the social network that is essential to growing your brand.

It offers tools for managing social media that allow users to schedule and manage their posts across multiple social media platforms, including Twitter. Today, its main function is to assist you in keeping your feeds current with relevant, curated content.

On Crowdfire you can view each post can be examined in depth You can look at every comment and like and check the number of people who have viewed the post so far.

Every week, you'll be provided with a summary of the performance of your profile, and you will be able to keep track of posts that haven't performed well or have not been most popularly read. You can also make your posts scheduled and modify them whenever you want to.

ProfileVisitors Extension

  • Open your chrome browser on your PC
  • Open Chrome's Chrome extensions page by clicking the Tools > Extensions.
  • Drop the ProfileVisitors extension onto the extension page on your PC.
  • Hit the"Add " Add" button after you have read the list of permissions Chrome shows.
  • That's it! Go to Twitter, and select the ProfileVisitors extension icon whenever you'd like to know who has visited your Twitter account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At present, you are not able to view the people who have viewed your profile on Twitter. If you do or don't use Twitter Analytics or the Twitter Analytics tool, you won't be able to view the usernames or photos of those who have visited your profile. All these activities are private. Twitter ensures that this information is kept private and private.

In short, no. The Twitter user can't determine who's viewing his or his Twitter account, or specific tweets; Twitter does not offer any search function for this.

You'll be notified each time you receive notifications when someone comments, likes, or retweets one of your tweets, and you can examine the actual tweet to see who's engaged with you.

It's not true that Twitter lets users track who is viewing their tweets or their profile. It's also not feasible with third-party applications. If you come across an application that claims to provide such a feature, you shouldn't believe it.

Because Twitter does not have an option in the settings menu that informs users who have visited your profile of yours, certain users may prefer to use a third-party application or browser extensions. Check if you have results with the apps from third parties available on the web. Be conscious of fake applications that perform fake tasks and report suspicious activities.

There are myriad different browser extension that claims to inform users who have visited your account on Twitter or other social media site. However, many of these extensions have major defects and a lot of them are fake. They only ask for cash or other data. They should therefore be kept away from.

It's impossible to determine what accounts are visiting you on your Twitter page with the application. It is possible to make use of certain apps instead of Twitter Analytics. If you're looking to study the impact of your tweets then you must use applications like HootSuite or Crowdfire.

No. If you're not able to determine who has visited your profile, no one else can see the profile either. You can follow anyone you're in love with without revealing their identity on Twitter.

If you have set up a private account only the people you follow can view your tweets and actions such as liking others' tweets or tweet responses. 

This is how you can see who has visited your profile. If you're trying to know who visited your Twitter account but you aren't capable of doing so. The only option by which you can see who has viewed your Twitter account is the Analytics tool, however, it's not reliable, since it only provides the number of users that visited your Twitter account. 

We've explained before why third-party apps aren't worth it and why using them is a completely unnecessary waste of time and effort. If you're considering purchasing any service that promises to tell people who have viewed your Twitter profile, then you should cancel your plans and don't spend the money you spend. 

In case you've got any concerns or concerns, leave a post a comment below and also forward this article to others if you liked it.

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