How do I Block Anonymous Private Number Calls on iPhone

Although iPhone does not offer the ability to block callers who conceal their caller ID, it is possible to block anonymous private Number calls on iPhone by using the workaround described below.

How do I Block Anonymous Private Number Calls on iPhone

Block calls from private numbers on iPhone.

The Call-blocking function on iPhone is essentially a way of checking the phone number of a call to the numbers listed within the List of Call Block List.

But, if someone calls your phone using the hidden caller Identification, iPhone cannot determine the caller's phone number and then check it against numbers listed within the Call Block List.

Therefore, it cannot prevent calls from anyone calling you via a hidden Caller ID. You then discover your phone ringing or vibrating and denying the call to an individual who is Anonymous or someone with a private number.

The best way to block these Anonymous Private Number callers using iPhone is to turn on DND Mode on your phone and set DND Mode to allow calls only from the number on Your Contacts List.

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Block calls from private numbers on iPhone.

Click Settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb > switch Do Not Disturb toggle to ON, and click on the People tab.

On the next page, click on Calls From and select All Contacts.

After that, iPhone will only allow calls from the number registered within Your Caller List. Other calls, such as those who hide their Caller IDs, are blocked.

As you can imagine, the issue with this approach is that it may cause you to miss legitimate or authentic calls from individuals who aren't included in Your Contacts List.

But, you'll be receiving missed notifications of calls sent to your device. Additionally, authentic Callers can leave Voicemail. Voicemail.