How to Activate Banned Whatsapp Number

How to Activate Banned Whatsapp Number

If you receive that message, you're banned from using Whatsapp. "Your phone number has been banned from making use of Whatsapp. Contact support for help."

WhatsApp will remove your phone number only if they think the account violates the conditions of service.

There are many scenarios where your personal information is restricted, such as:

1. Sending Bulk messages: If you intend to use them over the long term, do not send mass messages. This is against the rules and policy. It is regarded as a clear sign of spam.

For your security, do not use any third-party software or apps that allow you to send bulk messages. Instead, you could create a Whatsapp Group of members to share information between them.

2. Utilization of Mod Version: Many users like using mods because it has great features that aren't available in the official application. If you're using applications like GB Plus, GB, or OG versions, You will surely receive the message "Temporarily banned" because you are using unofficial apps.

To avoid a permanent ban, you must go back to the original version of the application. Additionally, the mods aren't secure since they lack the feature of encryption that is end-to-end.

3. Do not send inappropriate content, as if anyone can report this type of message. The WA team will investigate messages and ban your phone number with no prior notification.

If you're barred from using Whatsapp, do not fret anymore.

This guide has everything you should learn about removing your Ban and active Ban Whatsapp account.

Different types of Ban Imposed by Whatsapp.

1. Temporary: You'll receive an error message if you download a non-official version of the application. Your account will be locked within 2 to 3 days if this happens.

2. Permanent: You can be permanently locked out if you send mass messages or publish illegal content or any other harmful, offensive, or violent material that infringes on the terms and conditions of service.

How do I activate a banned Whatsapp Number?

To activate your banned Whatsapp number to activate your banned number, you must start Whatsapp and type in your number. Then, you'll see the message "Your number is blocked." Click on the Support button and ask to activate your number.

Here's how to:

  • Launch and open the Whatsapp App.
  • Enter your telephone number.
  • There will be an error message, "Your number is blocked."
  • Click on the button for Support.
  • Provide the reason for the use pattern and ask to remove the Ban. 
  • After 24 hours after 24 hours, after 24 hours, your WhatsApp number will be active.
  • Sometimes, it takes up to 48 days for the support team to act on your request. If the appeal is legitimate, the numbers will become active.

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