How to find out who unfollowed you on instagram

How to find out who unfollowed you on instagram

How to find out who unfollowed you on instagram

How to find out who unfollowed you on instagram

Utilizing the Instagram App

  • Start Instagram. 
  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Choose the icon for your profile. It's the icon that looks like a person. It is located in the lower part of your screen, to the right.
  • Choose the option 'followers.' It's a tab located on the top of the screen, and it will display the number of people currently following you.
  • Find followers who have stopped following you. Check your lists of followers and search for people who aren't there. If you don't recognize anyone you know was following you in the past or another, then they've unfollowed you. This isn't easy to accomplish if you've recently lost many followers, and you'll be able to determine an approximate picture of who's not following you any longer.
  • An alternative is that the user who doesn't follow you anymore may have deleted the account. Instagram account. It is possible to determine whether the account is still active by clicking the magnifying symbol at the lower right of your screen and searching their name.

Utilizing Instagram from Your Desktop

  • Start Instagram within your browser.
  • Choose the icon for your profile. It is the icon that represents the form of a human.
  • Choose 'followers'. A menu can be found at the very top of your webpage. It's below your username. You will see the list of your most recent followers on this page.
  • Check for followers who have stopped following you. If you don't come across any of them on this list, likely, they're not following you anymore. As we spoke about in the previous paragraph, there's an opportunity that they may have closed their Instagram account, too. If that's the case, you can determine this by using the search bar located at the top of your screen.

Utilizing the Following Cop for Android

Know how this system works. This app operates only with Android and keeps track of when someone decides not to follow your account on Instagram. It will request you to provide the details of your Instagram credentials, and you have to consider whether it is worth the risk.

  • It doesn't allow you to look at followers who have not followed you previously - it just lets you see those who have recently removed you from their follower list. Follow Cop will not use your information from Instagram; however, it will let you automatically follow the user's Instagram profile. 
  • Get the Follow Cop application. 
  • Visit the Google Play store, choose"search bar. Search for "follow cop," then 
  • select it when you find it in the results. 
  • Select 'install', and then click 'accept'.
  • Use a pen. Follow Cop application. It will bring users to the log-in page. 
  • Sign in using your Instagram account credentials.

  • Select your account. Choose your Instagram account, which will be on the right side of your screen.
  • Select 'recent followers. 
  • This is a choice that appears on the right side of the page.
  • You can close the ad if required. This will take you to the most recent followers page. From there, Follow Cop will begin to track your current followers of yours.
  • Close Follow Cop, and return to it if you're interested in seeing what's going on with the people you follow. This can be done by going back into recent followers. There will likely be more advertisements that you need to remove after doing this.

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