How to Get Notifiction When Someone Is Online In whatsapp

How to Get Notifiction When Someone Is Online In whatsapp

Have you ever thought of getting notifying your lover or loved one online via Whatsapp? It's quite a harrowing experience to use Whatsapp to chat with someone only to find out that they haven't seen them since a few hours ago. It's a shame, but wouldn't it be great if you could receive a notification each time your favorite person connects to Whatsapp or is talking to other people?

However, Whatsapp does not provide this feature to notify users when an online user is discovered.

However, the good news is that there are many applications available for Android and iPhone devices that will notify you each time your contact goes online through Whatsapp.

In this article, you'll discover how to receive notifications whenever you are online via Whatsapp.

How do you get Notifications When Someone is online on Whatsapp?

To receive a notification whenever you are online via Whatsapp, install the WeLog application on your smartphone and then open it. Enter the contact's Whatsapp number and then click the active. Now you will be alerted on WhatsApp whenever they become available.

Here's how to:

  • Start the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Look for the weblog and then open it.
  • Click on the Install option, and it'll begin installing on your device.
  • Open the app and accept the privacy policies.
  • The app will request permissions. Tap on Allow.
  • Enter the Whatsapp number you wish to receive a notification for.
  • Now you will be notified whenever you see someone online via Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Online Notification Tracker app


  • The first thing to note is that there's no app for free that can inform you when you receive a notification when a Whatsapp contact is offline or online. If you're using iPhone, you can be at ease knowing that there's no regular function or built-in feature that can provide notifications.
  • If you're happy to pay a modest cost to get this information, OnlineNotify is your best option.
  • It's available for $1.99 for iPhone users. It provides all the information you should be aware of concerning Your Whatsapp Contact, i.e., when they log in and go offline, chat with others, etc.
  • OnlineNotify is working very well for certain iPhone users. However, those using the most recent iOS versions had to deal with some issues on the platform.


  • Notify users when selected contacts go offline or online via Whatsapp.
  • If your contact type and reading messages are, you'll also be notified.
  • Replace the status of contacts with the date they were most recently visited date and add an online indicator beside chat users who are online in the list.

WAStat is a WhatsApp tracker.

Whatsapp Trackers is designed for Android users who wish to be informed about the notifications from Whatsapp contacts. This app was designed to allow you to track the status of contacts easily. You will be notified immediately whenever your contact is online, display the last visited time, and display every time interval in a good clock view.


  • You will be notified when someone is online.
  • Show online, offline, and the last time it was seen.
  • Showtime intervals in the clock view.
  • Review online statistics from the last 30 days.
  • Keep track of at least 10 profiles.

MSpy Whatsapp Tracker

This application is suitable for Android as well as iOS users. It is also an extremely well-known mobile app. MSPs Whatsapp Monitoring features a simple user interface and has a 24-7 customer assistance service available to you. One of the advantages is that you do not require any technical expertise to use the application on your device.

The process takes just about 10 minutes, and after that, it's possible to instantly join it on your Whatsapp. Similar to other apps in this listing, the mSpy app will tell you all you want to be aware of about your contact.

How can you hide your online status on Whatsapp?

So far, we've discussed how to get an email when someone is online via WhatsApp. What happens if you're on the other side? You might not want other people (or anyone in particular) to know that you're online. This could be because you've not opened a message from them and feel embarrassed or simply because you don't want to speak with them. Whatever the reason, it's time to discuss whether this is feasible via WhatsApp and if it is not.

Your query is No. We're sorry to inform you that this isn't possible at the moment on the platform. The entire purpose behind displaying your online status is to inform other users that they're online and to expect to receive a response accordingly. Although WhatsApp does not have a feature for shutting off your profile at present, If such a feature is introduced in the upcoming updates, We'll be the first to inform you about it.

In conclusion, If you are having issues with people to whom you've read messages but didn't respond, the best way to address the issue is to avoid reading the messages of those who haven't replied to them even once. It would help if you kept the messages open until you had the opportunity to respond.

What if the message was about an urgent matter? Check it out within your notification window to see what the message is about. This will allow you to decide whether you'd like to respond immediately or not and open the notification in the first instance.

But, what happens should you do if your message is long and cannot be read in your notification windows? Perhaps they've sent several messages, and you'd like to see what the first message said? But there's another method to read and open their message without telling them about it. Do you remember how the two ticks beside your messages will turn blue once you've read them?

There's a way to eliminate the blue ticks that appear on WhatsApp and open any message you like without telling the sender that the message was read. Are you wondering how to do it? Switch off your receipts that read.

Last Words

I hope this article helped identify ways you can collect details about specific contacts on Whatsapp. If it's about finding out when your friend is online or when a family member is writing, the apps can allow you to receive notifications regularly.

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