How to get Password of Locked WIFI using Android Mobile

This is the best way to hack your WiFi password without knowing the root. Many smartphone users prefer this method to access WiFi and decipher the pin. The tool gets better and can now hack WiFi networks. It was initially used to determine if an access point was highly vulnerable to rancorous attacks.

How to get Password of Locked WIFI using Android Mobile

Your Android mobile phone doesn't need to be rooted if you are running Lollipop or an earlier version to crack a WiFi network.

How to get Password of Locked WIFI using Android Mobile

Step 1:

Download "WIFI WPS WPA TESTER" from the google play store.


Step 2:

For WiFi scanning, you will need to grant GPS permission for the first time. Click the " OK" button.

Step 3:

After allowing you to turn ON and OFFpermissions to your android manager.

Step 4:

The next screen will show you all WiFi networks (Wps Wpa) within your coverage area.

Click on the WiFi username you wish to hack. Please select WiFi names shown in green, as this app is currently in trial mode. We can only hack WiFi that has Wps security enabled.

Step 5:

The following prompt will appear after you click on the WiFi name. It asks, "Are You Authorized to Test (WiFi Name)." This app was created for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be used for testing unauthorized networks. You are the only one responsible for the misuse of this app." Click " Next."


Step 6:

Next, choose the attack type and start attacking. Next, ensure that the Method option is ON (No root) and the Permission option is OFF. Click on "Connect Automatic with Try All Pins"

Step 7:

Next screen, your android device manager will ask for permission to turn WiFi off or on. Click "Allow once."


Step 8:

Finally, an attack has been launched against your chosen WiFi network. This attack comes after hacking rounds that use an automatically generated pin.

Step 9:

This is the final step. After automatically generating pin matches with the router password table, the app will connect to that WiFi.

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