How to Hear whatsapp voice message without blue Tick

How to Hear whatsapp voice message without blue Tick

Texting is undoubtedly among the most efficient ways to communicate with people who live far away. But for those who are not comfortable typing or are just lazy, texting incessantly can be extremely uncomfortable, particularly when the person you're speaking to is important to you.

To fix this, WhatsApp and other social media platforms have launched the option of voice messages. To use it, you need to talk instead of type. The voice messages changed the entire experience of texting and made life easier for many.

Today on our blog, we'll talk about the feature for voice messages on WhatsApp to allow you to listen to a person's voice message and not let them know. Follow us until the end to know more!

How can I listen to Whatsapp Voice Messages, Without the sender knowing

Stop reading receipts for reads.

The most basic and straightforward method listen to messages from voice without the sender noticing is to turn off your receipts for reading. Those who aren't familiar with reading receipts are the signs that inform the person who is listening whether the message they've sent was read or seen.

The same applies to voice-based messages. It's even more precise in the case of voice messages. With the blue ticks at the bottom (which indicates that the message has been read), WhatsApp also turns the mic that plays the messages to blue once the message has been played.

Imagine what could occur if you were to listen to the voice message from a friend and didn't respond. Do they not feel abandoned? They may not wish to send you further messages soon. And we don't be able to?

The ability to turn off your receipts for reading will save you from the hassle. But, before we instruct you on how to do it, be aware of certain things. The action can have other implications; first, you won't have the ability to read the receipts for messages you've sent to your contacts. Furthermore, it will prevent you from determining who has seen any status messages you send on WhatsApp.

If these all seem like an opportunity worth taking for you, then follow these steps to switch off the reading receipt

Step 1. Start WhatsApp on your phone. There are three dots on the right-hand side of the screen; click them.

Step 2. In the floating menu that will appear on the screen, you can navigate and tap the Settings tab. This will bring users to the tab called Settings. Tab.

Step 3. In the Settings tab, you'll find an actionable list of options below your profile photo and your name and information. Choose the first option from the list below: Your Account.

Step 4: You'll be directed to your account when you've done it. The first option is in the category of Privacy which has a small lock icon on top. Click it to open the privacy tab. Privacy tab.

Step 5. When you're in the Privacytab, You'll see the option to Reading receipts in the middle of the screen. Nearby is an option to toggle it off, set to off by default. To turn off the receipts that you read, it is necessary to switch off this toggle.

Once you've done it, your read receipts will vanish, and you'll be able to listen to any voice messages without being aware safely. Be aware that when you turn off your read receipts back to on, the microphones of any voice messages you've heard will change blue.

Turn On Airplane Mode

If you don't wish to spend the time shutting off the read receipts to save only one or two messages, we offer a second alternative that is simpler. You don't have to follow any instructions for this method; switch on the airplane mode on your phone.

Do you wonder how this would be done? Let us explain. If you unplug the device's connection to any internet network, the actions you perform are not recognized by the internet, including listening to the voice message.

When you get the notification for an audio message, you should wait for about a minute, then switch on the airplane mode. After that, you should open WhatsApp and then play the message (as numerous times as possible). Once you're done, then close WhatsApp and delete it from the recent tabs. Then, turn off airplane mode, and you're done. The person who sent the message will not know that the message was already broadcast.

There's a requirement for this trick's operation to enable auto-download in your account. In the absence of this, you won't be in a position to download audio notes or play them without having an internet connection.

The voice messages can be forwarded to a different chat.

Although the airplane mode feature is very helpful but it can become exhausting when you receive numerous voice messages you would like to hear using this method. Are you looking for a more simple solution? We've got a solution! This method only requires you to forward the voice message to another person (or you). Take these steps to learn the way it works:

Step 1. Start WhatsApp on your phone. In the Chats tab, you can scroll through your chats until you locate the chat that has the call message. You can also input the person's name who sent the message in the search bar at the top of your screen.

Step 2. When their conversation has displayed on your display, press long on the voice message, you wish to hear. You'll notice a few icons appear at the top of your screen within a few seconds.

Two of these are white arrows, one facing left and the other to the right. The left one can be used for forwarding messages. Tap on it.

Step 3. When you've done that, you'll be taken to another tab and be asked to choose a person to forward this message to.

You can then transfer it to your sibling's or friend's chat, watch it, and erase it later. Another way to do it is to create an online group chat by adding a contact to it and removing them to be the only participant. If you choose to do this, you'll be able to forward an unlimited amount of notes in voice to the group without worrying about their deletion in the future.

Step 4. When you've chosen the contact to forward your message, click Forward. It's all done.

Now, you can hear the message at any time you like without the sender being able to find out. Enjoy!

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