How to make your Android Phone Read Texts

How to make your Android Phone Read Texts

How to make your Android Phone Read Texts

This article will show you how to activate voice commands within the Google app for Android phones and instruct Google to read your text messages aloud. This article also covers using the Google Assistant app and several third-party apps which can make your Android phone read out your texts.

Enable Google Voice Match

Take a break from your eyes and let your Android phone display your text messages to you. This feature (as the ability to send texts with your voice) is accessible through Google as well as the free apps are available to download on Google Play.

Google is installed as a standard on all Android devices. It offers basic voice messaging capability without any need for additional software. If you're running Android 4.4 or above and have it has the Voice Match setting activated, you're set. Here's how to activate the setting:

1.    Go to your Google app. In the lower-right corner of the screen, choose more.

2.    From the menu, click Settings.

3.    Choose Vocal and then Vocal Match.

4.    Please make sure you turn On the Access by using the voice Match toggle button (it will be blue).


Ask Google what to do

Now, you can send instructions to Google. The first step is to speak the wake word, OK Google, or Hey Google, to wake it up. You can also select your microphone icon within Google's app. Google app or search bar on the screen that displays your homepage.

Next, speak a command. Here are some examples of texting commands that Google responds to and what you can expect when you make the command:

·    Please show me the last messages I sent. Google will announce who sent the previous five messages. It then asks you whether you would like each message read or not read. The ones you agree with are read out loud. When each message is read, you are given the option of sending an email with your voice.

·    Send the message via text. Google prompts you to enter your name, the address to who you wish to send your message, and the text message's content.

·    Are there Do I have any text messages?Google informs you of new text messages.

·    Please send me your last message. Google shows my most current conversation.

Download Google Assistant

Another method to utilize Google command voice is using the Google Assistant app. It's available for download free from Google Play. Once you have installed the app, you need to open the app and use the commands outlined above.

Make use of third-party apps.

Many third-party apps allow voice messaging. Here are three choices:

·    ReadItToMe reads messages in loud and converts messages into appropriate English. This feature can be useful when receiving messages containing spelling mistakes or using shorthand.

·    Ping converts text messages into audio. It also converts email messages, Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages.

·    Drivemode This application was developed for use while driving. You can use this app to respond to messages via voice commands, create auto-replies to text messages, etc.


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