How to Remove youtube Shorts From Youtube

How to Remove youtube Shorts From Youtube

Have you watched any of the TikTok shorts? They were videos of just three minutes that created TikTok famous and became a well-known social media application. The concept was so innovative that nearly every social media site included these short videos on their websites. For instance, Instagram launched Reels, and even YouTube made available the Shorts, which gained huge acclaim within a short period.

The YouTube shorts were not anticipated, and that's not the most difficult part. The platform changed the Explore tab with a tab that houses the shorts. Initially, YouTube launched this feature in September of 2020 in India; however, its popularity exploded quickly. Consequently, the platform launched the shorts for its US audience and the rest of the world.

However, not everybody is a fan of the short videos. People who need useful and informative content are usually looking for more detailed videos.

If the short videos seem a bit grueling, we've, put together a thorough procedure to get rid of short videos from YouTube to allow you to disable YouTube shorts quickly.

Before we go on to the more detailed guide, let's look at the significance of YouTube shorts and how they're becoming very famous.

What are YouTube Shorts?

As the name implies, YouTube Shorts is a new feature that lets users create and upload videos of a short duration (15 minutes and less) for upload to YouTube. It is possible to make videos straight from YouTube or upload short videos you recorded with your camera. You can apply sounds to enhance your videos and make them more engaging. YouTube is already in agreement with several music businesses, which means users can incorporate music into their videos. This is an essential element of any platform that allows short videos.

If you've ever watched and uploaded YouTube shorts, you are aware that these videos appear identical to the short clips on TikTok.

We know that there aren't all big fans of short films. They are being released in huge numbers each day. But there's a downside that is not everyone likes the short videos. It is extremely frustrating to watch and can appear quite irritating for viewers.

So, how do you get rid of YouTube Shorts? What can you do to stop the shorts feature on YouTube?

Read on to find out how to get rid of YouTube shorts.

  • Click at the icon with three dots, then choose Not interested.
  • Click at the icon with three dots, then choose Not interested.
  • Repeat the steps above until all videos have disappeared. These videos will not be displayed after refreshing the homepage.
  • Use YouTube on Browser
  • The method above works great; however, it cannot be easy. Eliminating every short video from the homepage could be frustrating for users. The good thing is that this new feature is available only on the mobile application. The feature isn't available via YouTube's website. YouTube website. The best method to prevent short videos while using YouTube is to use the app for your browser.

  1. Degrade the YouTube App Version
  • Short video clips are a brand new feature that's compatible with the app's most recent version. Therefore, if you've not yet changed the version of YouTube and cannot upgrade it, you can uninstall the app by going to Your App Settings if you have already downloaded the updated version. In simple terms, you must utilize the original version of YouTube to prevent this update. Here's how you can do it.
  • Press the YouTube app long-press from your home screen. Then choose"app info" from the home screen "app info" option. Uninstall YouTube. You're done! YouTube won't be uninstalled. YouTube, however, all updates you downloaded will be removed instantly. While this feature can greatly benefit anyone who wishes to access YouTube without having the videos pop onto the main screen, it's not the best option. You'll be asked to install updates on YouTube every time.

  1. Try YouTube Vanced Manager

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube add-on to YouTube and comes with various exclusive features that cannot be found in the initial version. For instance, the updated version provides the 1080-pixel resolution on mobiles, sponsorship block, and other thrilling features. Here are the steps to follow when using the Vanced application: 

  • Install the application in the APK version on your smartphone. 
  • Go on the Settings tab, and click on Advanced Settings.
  • Locate "Ad Settings."
  • If you go down, you'll see a Shorts Self option right below the Survey Removal. Toggle on the Shorts Self.

If you activate this feature, short videos on YouTube are removed from the YouTube homepage screen. It is also possible to turn off the comment location tab to eliminate all shorts options from YouTube.

How to Enable the Short Videos on YouTube

  • You have disabled the Shorts video, and now you'd like to enable to restore them. You can do this by activating Shorts Self. Shorts Self option that you had previously disabled from Settings. If you're not able to disable YouTube Shorts, You will see them on YouTube's homepage screen. Scroll down and find the "Shorts" "Shorts" section where the 15-second videos are uploaded in order. Watch one, and the next one will play automatically.
  • If you are unable to find the option to update, download YouTube via the App Store and Google Play Store. If you've disabled the option manually, you'll be required to enable it via Settings and the Vanced app.

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