How To Restore Old Deleted Instagram Posts And Content: Step By Step Guide

How To Restore Old Deleted Instagram Posts And Content: Step By Step Guide

Millions of Android and iOS users use Instagram. Since its inception, Instagram has been a popular destination for content creators. Meta, a Meta-owned social media app, has received many updates to improve the user experience. Instagram has made it easier to share content over the years.

Multiple times, Instagram's Direct messaging option has been updated with new features. Instagram messaging has been upgraded with new features and privacy settings. You might need to delete content shared by your Instagram contacts or save it to your Instagram profile.


Is there a way to retrieve deleted Instagram content or chats? You will be glad to know that Instagram allows you to download deleted content. Here are the steps:

Steps to Restore Deleted Insta Content and Chats

You cannot restore Instagram deleted content, including images, video reels, and IGTV videos. It is not possible to recover deleted chats. You will need to make a backup of your conversation. The Instagram above content is not permanently deleted. These are placed in the 'Recently Deleted" folder, from which you can retrieve the data. Follow these steps to do this:

Step 1 - Open the Insta mobile app on your Android or iOS device. These steps can be done on the Instagram desktop app. To restore data, make sure you're logged in to your profile.

Step 2 Go to your profile and click on the menu option (3 horizontal lines) located in the upper left corner.

Step 3 - Now click on "Your activity."

Step 4 Scroll down to the "Recently deleted" menu. Click on it.


Step 5 - You need to choose the image, video, or other profile posts you want to restore.

Step 6 - Select "Restore" from the More menu (located at the top right).

Step 7 - After completing the above step, your data will be restored to Instagram.