How to Save Favourite Places in google map

Google Maps is one of the most frequently used applications when you're in motion. If you're in your local city or another city, or a different country, this application by Google can be beneficial to help you navigate the shortest route to get there. But did you know that you could also Save your most visited places on Google Maps? Using this handy feature, you will be able to locate your most frequented places quickly by saving them and marking them as your top spots. It will save you time writing them over again. If you're not aware of this fantastic feature, look at the step-by-step guide below.

What If You Have Google Account?

In most cases, you'll be using Google Maps using your Google account. In that case, you can save the places stored in default lists that are divided into two categories: 'Favorites' and "Starred." But, you can create your list using the destinations you've saved.

If you're operating an Android phone, the iPhone, or even the computer equivalent of Google Map, the process of saving your favorite spot will be identical.

How can you save Favorite Places on Google Maps?

  • The first step is to get started. You must search for the location you'd like to mark as one of your favorite spots to save it to Google Maps. Google Map app. The location information card, which shows the address, can be opened by clicking.
  • Below the address on the Overview Tab, you will see several choices. Following Directions among options is the option to save. 
  • If you click the Save button, there will be an option drop-down. You will be asked to select the category under which you'd like to save the location you have selected.
  • In addition, you'll be able to choose between Starred and Favorites as the default Google Maps saving choices. If you want to save your place under both categories, select both of them or click on the New List option, which will let you save the location under any category of your preference, like "Mom's Place or 'Work' for instance. It is also possible to add a brief description or note to your saving place.
  • Once you've added your address to one list, click the Save to List bar and click "Done."
  • You can now access your saved places via the Save button located on the main page of the Google Maps app.
  • If you're using the Google Maps website, you must open it via Google Chrome or some other browser and then search for the location you like to save. Like the app version, you will see the Save button within the menu for location information just below the address.
  • After you've added your spot as Favorite, Starred, or another place within the New List and click on "Done," you'll be able to discover your most loved places by using the three lines you locate in the search box. You can now choose "Your Places from the drop-down menu. Then click on the tab 'Saved' to view the entire destinations you've saved.
  • Understanding the best way to save your favorite locations in Google Maps is not just going to make it easier to locate the places you frequent. When searching for locations, you might not be able to remember their names and might not remember to type.