How to Send messages on WhatsApp without Saving the Number

How to Send messages on WhatsApp without Saving the Number

Do you wish to send messages via Whatsapp with no saving of the contact number How often do become annoyed that you are able to message someone via WhatsApp only when your contact information stored on your phone? The answer is obvious, it is a very frustrating process that we have to repeatedly to begin a conversation an individual or a company.

How to Send messages on WhatsApp without Saving the Number

Now, let me repeat these magical words to you that will bring you a world of joy. Let me tell you " you can connect with people on WhatsApp without saving the number". It is true that it is possible to connect with someone via WhatsApp without adding their telephone number in your contact book.

This article you will discover how to send messages using WhatsApp with no saving of numbers. A few simple and straightforward techniques will resolve the problem of sending messages to contacts who have not been saved which we will examine during this post. Let's get into the primary idea of the article.

1. ' [contact-number ] '

Today, sending messages to anyone or business without saving their phone number in the contacts list is simple. There is no need to install any special application for this. You can perform this function using a simple "Link" without cluttering your device. [contact-number ] '.This link is a route to your Non-contact WhatsApp messages where you can send messages on both Mobile and PC with a few simple steps. Let's take a review of the steps that must be followed beginning by sending messages.

1. Open a browser for the web using your mobile. Now Copy and paste the link '' to the browser.

2. After you've pasted the URL into the browser, you can edit the section "contact number" with the contact number of those who you wish to initiate a conversation.

3. Do not forget to include the country code in the contact number , otherwise the link will not serve the purpose.

4. When you have added the number to the link, do not be a fool and double-check the number to ensure that you've sent the right person.

5. Once you have entered the right code in the link, press Enter.

6. The WhatsApp website page will display the " continue to chat" button.

7. " continue to chat" button will direct you onto WhatsApp Messenger with the chat window that displays the number of your contact that you included in the URL.

8. You are ready to begin your conversation.

The feature:The best thing about this non-contact WhatsApp messaging option is that it comes with an incredible feature that allows you to note notes as well as other crucial details in WhatsApp on your cell phone.

You can follow the same steps as we've described above. The only change you need to do here is change your contact number to that of your WhatsApp number. You will now see a chat screen with your contact number as well as your profile image on the at the top. This means you have access to you WhatsApp number to communicate notes or other details to it.

To ensure the security of your notes and other important information, enable to secure your notes and important information, use the "Disappearing messages" feature to erase your information periodically in the event that you don't require it any longer.

Review:With this link, you can communicate with unsaved numbers by including their number on the page. It is also possible to send messages to your personal number to send texts or other important data. If you're looking for something that can enable self-texting, then you should go for it.

2 . ' [number] '

The hyperlink ' [number" [number]'is another option to communicate with anyone without saving their contact information in your contacts list. You can

Begin a conversation with someone who is not in contact with you frequently.

It's a secure free, ad-free, and cost-free tool that lets you begin conversations with anyone without impacting your bank account or risking the theft of your personal data. This link lets you can freely allow the access you want to WhatsApp because it won't interfere with your personal details. Let's take a look at how to create an account to start the conversation.

1. Use a web-based browser on your computer or phone.

2. Copy the link: wa. me// ' and paste it into your browser. Click on the Enter button.

3. Then enter the contact phone number at the bottom of the link to whom you would like to begin the conversation.

4. When you enter the number, you will be able to access an WhatsApp website.

5. On this page, you'll be able to see on this page the "continue to chat" button and click it.

6. Once you click on the button you will be transferred by WhatsApp Messenger which displays the chat window for the contact number that you provided on the page.

7. You are now all set to make and receive messages from chats that are not contact-based.

Feature: This tool is similar to the link ' [contact-number ] ' both links have a common feature named "self-texting" that allows sending text, notes and important information to your WhatsApp number.

Apart from self-texting, one of its unique features is that you can send pre-filled messages which can be done with the URL " ".

For example, if you'd like you to make a preset text that reads " I need help" then you can modify the below link I%20need%20help.

In this way, you can create pre-filled messages and then send them to people you wish to reach via this link. This way, you are able to avoid typing text manually into your chat box.

Be aware that in this pre-filled message link, first, you need fill in the number of your contact, followed by an international code in the start of the number. Then, begin to add the pre-filled message and then separate each message with "%20".

The verdict: This link is the most trusted and secure link to send messages but not save your number for others to use, but is also best when you need to transfer notes or other important information to your personal WhatsApp number. It also allows you to send pre-filled messages using an easy link. I would strongly recommend this link to get many benefits from it.


Remember the panic-stricken situation by the fact that WhatsApp was shut down worldwide. There was not a single person capable of sending or receiving any message, which irritated us to the point of exhaustion. This made it obvious, how much depends on WhatsApp to communicate with others.

If we depend on WhatsApp to communicate with other people, it's important to know the ways to use WhatsApp for a hassle-free message. We have provided two links that you can use as shortcuts for sending messages to anyone and not save their phone numbers on your device.

If this article has helped you discover methods to send messages with no saving numbers, tell us in the comment section below. be sure to share this article with your friends so that they can make them aware of this technique.

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