How to track Live train Running in google map

How to track Live train Running in google map

There are numerous methods to travel in the present. If you're planning a trip or a long-distance trip, you could use roads, rails, or air travel. Of all the options for trains, the railway system is the most economical and most frequently used to travel.

If you frequently journey by train, you are aware of the importance you have a train tracker application. There are hundreds of train tracker applications available on Android, and the majority of them are entirely free.

How to track Live train Running in google map

But is it essential to use an application from a third party to track live train information? If we asked ourselves, then we'd suggest no. Three years ago, Google added the ability to monitor the status of any train that is running within the Google Maps application.

Compared with third-party Indian train live-tracking applications, Google Maps provides less information, but the data it offers is reliable. If you're running an Android smartphone, it is likely to be running the Google Maps application installed. You can use it to monitor the state of any train currently running.

Steps to Track Live Train Running Status in Google Maps

In this manner, it is not necessary to install any third-party application to track the live status of your train. This article will give you the steps to monitor a live train's running status using Google Maps app for Android. We will look at it.

  1. The first step is to go over to Google Play Store to upgrade your Google Maps application to Android.
  2.  Once you have updated the app, you can open it. Google Maps app
  3. In the next step, enter the destination station in the search bar.
  4.  Once you've completed this, click on after that, tap on the directions button as illustrated in the screenshot below.
  5. Choose then the train or bus option, as illustrated below. Then select the starting point.
  6. Today, Google Maps will show you the trains available.
  7. tap the Train name to see the current status of its running.
  8. The data is updated continuously. However, it is advised to check with other apps in the same way.

That's it! You are done. That's how you check the status of a train running on Google Maps.

Google Maps can track the current status of a train's running. Now that you know the procedure, it is possible to uninstall all train tracking apps from third parties to free up space on your storage. This article hopefully has helped you! Please pass it on to your friends as well. Should you be in any questions regarding this, please tell us about it via the comment section below.

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