How to Transcribe YouTube content into Text (tutorial

How to Transcribe YouTube content into Text (tutorial

Reasons for Transcribing YouTube Videos

Some be wondering why they should spend time and money transcribing YouTube videos. Do you need it? The transcription of your audio or video into text has many advantages. 
How to Transcribe YouTube content into Text (tutorial

Here are a few advantages of converting your videos to written text:

You can increase the number of people who watch your videos. Subtitles on videos can draw viewers who didn't have the opportunity to view your videos before. This group includes viewers with hearing difficulties, those who view your content in noisy environments, and those who speak a different language. By transcribing your video, you'll increase the engagement on your channel. A growing number of people will be able to watch and share videos.

It is easier for crawlers from search engines to understand your video's content more clearly. This is because the bots of Google examine the text in a precise way. The result is that you will show up in higher positions on search results. This means you'll grow your audience. The more viewers that you will get more views. More views, in turn, translate to more advertisers that want to collaborate with you.

It will give you global recognition. This is the same as the one we mentioned earlier, where we talked about the transcribing of YouTube videos for non-natives. It is difficult to determine which countries your viewers come from. This is why it's an intelligent decision to produce subtitles in different languages. This will aid viewers from diverse countries in appreciating your content. On the other hand, your channel will be able to gain worldwide recognition.

Let's move on to the simplest methods of getting the transcripts of YouTube videos.

Utilize Automatic Transcription Software

To save time, you can count on automated transcription software. Today, we are in the age of technology, so it's not difficult to choose a suitable transcription firm that will meet your requirements. Additionally, some offer transcripts that humans create. We'll look at several alternatives for you.


It's no question that Transcribers is the best choice to convert YouTube content into text. Transcribers use a distinctive YouTube transcriber. This ensures quick and effective results. To receive the transcripts for the videos, you have uploaded to YouTube, follow this procedure: YouTube videos, perform the following steps:

  • Import your video
  • Select the language you would like for your video to be translated into;
  • Select the type of transcription you want Manual or automated;
  • Take the finished YouTube transcript, and save it to YouTube in the format you prefer.

As you can see, making your purchase won't take too long. It is easy to increase your viewers on your YouTube channel and draw an even larger audience with the aid of Transcribers.


Temi offers an automated transcription. If your video is complex, it will give you a low level of accuracy like you receive with manual transcription. However, this is a good option for those who do not have the time to do it because Temi can translate your video in minutes. Furthermore, there are no fees for subscriptions or monthly payments offered by Temi. So, when you transcribe your Youtube videos less often, Temi is an ideal alternative for you.


This software is ideal for audio and video transcription. It also provides the professional services of human transcriptionists, captioners, and translators. To get an accurate transcription of your YouTube video, upload the video file you want to be transcribing or copy-paste the URL. Choose whether you wish to receive a manual or automatic transcription. It would help if you did this, and you will get your transcripts with the highest accuracy.

If you've got a simple video that does not have any problematic accents or background noises, Rev will perform the transcription task for 12 hours. If your request requires immediate attention, Rev can offer expedited delivery. Rev can manage videos that require multiple speakers with complex accents and background noise. However, you must hire human transcribers since automated transcription cannot give you a high degree of accuracy.

Utilize YouTube Transcription Tools

You might be shocked. However, Youtube provides transcription tools too. This is the most efficient option for cost because it's completely free. Before you can get transcripts with the aid of Youtube, it is recommended to switch on automated captioning before you start. Thanks to a particular technology to recognize speech, YouTube will create its 

Own subtitles. Then, you will get transcripts.

But, not all things are as flawless as they appear. Speech recognition software is not always able to guarantee exact results. This means that it will be a necessity to edit automatically-created Youtube transcripts. To examine and alter (if required) subtitles to create the transcript, perform the following steps:

  • Log into your YouTube account.
  • Choose "Subtitles" (in the left-hand menu);
  • Select the video in which you want to add or change the captions
  • Remove any unnecessary words or punctuation marks. You can also add them, if necessary.

Sometimes, YouTube is unable to generate captions automatically. The reason could be a variety, including poor quality videos to not having enough clarity. To get transcripts of videos that are already available, it is best to go to the video you want to view on YouTube. Locate "three dots" in the upper right-hand corner of the video. Click on "Open transcript" by clicking on the "Open transcript" button.

Utilize Google Docs

You might be surprised that you can also use Google Docs to transcribe YouTube videos. The process is easy. In addition, Google Docs possesses a built-in voice typing feature. Unfortunately, the feature is available only via the Chrome browser at present. Therefore, if you use an alternative browser, you will not use this feature.

  • To access this feature within your Chrome browser:
  • Start the Chrome browser, then open a brand Google Doc.
  • Google Doc.
  • Click on the "Tools" button.
  • Press the "Voice typing" button and look for an icon for the microphone.

If you are looking to transcribe videos, start the second tab with YouTube video and then place it on the same screen as Google Docs. The microphone icon should be clicked in the first tab and switched to YouTube videos in the next window. Google Docs will automatically type every word spoken by people in the video.

NOTE:- It is evident that there are various ways to convert YouTube video content into text, and we have only mentioned a few of them. Be aware that the transcription of YouTube videos can be beneficial for advertising for your channel. Choose the best method for your needs and reap benefits from this method.

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