How to use PicsArt Without Ads

How to use PicsArt Without Ads

PicsArt is the top mobile photo editor application with many users from all over the world. It provides top-quality editing in terms of all editing tools. We can call it the equivalent of Adobe Photoshop for Android. Along with the fantastic editor tools and features, the PicsArt permits users to share images with their group of users with hundreds of thousands of members on social media.
PicsArt is now an editing tool for nearly all Android users. 
How to use PicsArt Without Ads

However, the issue that has arisen from these updates is that PicsArt displays many advertisements while editing images. Ads in pop-ups and banner advertisements in PicsArt cannot let you edit your image without restriction. They display ads under the tool, and it displays ads when saving your images and in almost every spot. Videos that are displayed while editing photos are made for poor users. If you're tired of advertisements in the PicsArt application, here's the solution! We're here with an option to make use of PicsArt with no ads. This will relieve you of the burden of seeing boring ads on PicsArt. You can edit your photos within PicsArt with no ads!

How can I use PicsArt Free of Ads?

This option is only designed for Xiaomi users who don't want permission to use the data in the PicsArt application. This is a great option when you're a Xiaomi device owner.

PicsArt with no ads on Xiaomi-

  1. Start the security app on your Xiaomi phone.
  2. Tap on the data usage

  3. At the following step, you'll be able to choose the Restrict usage of data option.

  4. You can click on Limit use of data, and you will look up a list of applications that allow the use of Wi-Fi and mobile data.

  5. You have to restrict the data usage of the PicsArt application. It can only use PicsArt without advertisements.
  6. Click on the green arrow to access the wireless and mobile versions of the PicsArt application.

  7. It's almost over now!
  8. Navigate to Settings, then head to installed apps.

  9. Choose PicsArtfrom the Installed apps section.

  10. Clear Cache of PicsArt application

  11. Reboot your phone now. (Optional)
  12. Done! You've successfully limited PicsArt to utilize your wireless or mobile data to display advertisements, and now you can utilize PicsArt with no ads.

How do I Use PicsArt without Ads?

This method is compatible with almost every Android device running KitKat, Lollipop, etc. This method is precisely the same as the earlier method. However, certain functions in the settings could be different in Android versions.

How to make use of PicsArt without advertisements on Android-

  1. Go through Settings on your phone.
  2. Select the Data Usage button.
  3. Here's an app list that allows you to access mobile internet
  4. Just scroll down to locate the PicsArt and then select it.
  5. Check what you have checked. Restrict background files to limit the PicsArt application from using any data.

Other ways to use PicsArt without ads-

Here are some additional methods that could allow you to utilize PicsArt without ads if the above methods don't work for you.

  • Switch on Aeroplane mode when editing your photos in PicsArt Yes. Enable the Aeroplane mode/Flight mode when editing your photos on PicsArt allows you to use PicsArt without advertisements.

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