How to add a notification LED to any OLED Android smartphone

How to add a notification LED to any OLED Android smartphone

How to add a notification LED to any OLED Android smartphone

Notification LEDs have been a silent victim of the search for a phone with no borders as there are fewer and fewer phones offering the feature. A developer of apps has come up with an innovative method to restore this function by using the low-power capabilities of OLED displays. Find out how to fix the LED notification feature on nearly every Android phone.

In terms of functionality, the Notification Light app (or and notify) is quite similar in function to Holey Light. Still, it provides more options for customization. It presets that work with many Samsung, OnePlus, and Google Pixel phones, but other models can be customized by changing the size and the position of the notification relative to the camera for selfies - even using the dual cameras utilized in Moto G100. Moto G100.

How do you add a notifications light on your phone?

The first step is to install the appropriate version of the app for your smartphone:

When you first launch the app, you'll be asked to assign many permissions. These are necessary to read notifications, keep the screen open and much more. The application will also ask which games or apps will allow you to turn on an AOD indicator.

Suppose the default location is not in line with your phone's camera for selfies. In that case, You can alter the size and location of the notification rings by clicking the notification Light >> Dimensions. You can make it appear more prominent in the same menu by making it thicker.

According to the developer, this feature could consume as much as 3percent of the battery every hour, so we suggest that you set the light to only be activated for a short period (under the Notification Settings for Lights).

However, other customization options require an in-app purchase, such as options to enable the interval feature (which may also cut down on the battery usage) and display effects and helpful colour customization for various applications.

It is crucial to remember that even though we tried the app on a non-OLED phone, such as the Moto G100 in the screenshot above -- it's not advised to run the app on LCD/LED phones as it can keep the entire screen constantly active and will result in very little battery time.

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Is the Notification Light respect your privacy?

As per Exodus Privacy, the Exodus Privacy platform, The Notification Light app does not contain any tracking devices for users, and the large number of permissions needed can be explained through the application's function to keep the screen on and ignore the battery's optimizations, regulate the vibration, and so on.

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