How to Add Sleep timer for all media in iOS

How to Add Sleep timer for all media in iOS

How to Add Sleep timer for all media in iOS

Do you love listening to the videos you watch on YouTube to relax? Do you often doze off in front of your favourite shows on Netflix? In the case of an iPhone, you can set a timer to sleep for every playback of media using the often hidden feature. In our recent meeting, we'll show you how!

While falling asleep in front of the television or on the phone isn't healthy, it's an aspect of the daily routine for many people who have a nightly ritual. But, everyone has experienced the numb feeling you get that comes with the fact that the sleep aid is on all night. If you own your iPhone, you'll be able to end the issue once and for all. Apple has included a universal sleep clock on iOS.

You can use it with any app that plays videos on either the iPhone or iPad. In our tests, it can be used in conjunction with streaming applications, YouTube, and Apple's podcast application. Additionally, you could use the feature if your children enjoy watching videos on their mobile or tablet, and the app you choose to use does not have parental controls. It's an extremely effective tool.

How do you use this universal timer for sleep feature in iOS and iPadOS

The only thing you have to do to utilise the feature is access the Clock application. The app will show the timer you have been using from the previous Corona self-test. One quick question Did you know that you can get access to the timer through an alternative within Control Center?

After opening the Timer application, you need to navigate the ringtone option. The last option is "Stop playback". If you set the timer and then switch to the appropriate media source, the playback will stop when the desired amount of time has passed. That's it!

  • Click here to access The App Clock for iOS as well as iPadOS.
  • Click on the tones to stop playback from activating the timer.
  • Select the timer and then switches back to the media content you want.

Does this work with Android?

On Android, there isn't a native option to stop playing back media after a specific duration. The screen is also active by default while the video is playing. It is possible to locate sleep timer applications in Google Play Store to work around this. Google Play Store is accessible for download at no cost. After a quick look on"Exodus," the "Exodus" page, I can, at a minimum, assure you of the following options that they do not steal a ton of information:

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