How to backup and restore app data with or without root

How to backup and restore app data with or without root

How to backup and restore app data with or without root

If you purchase a new phone, you need to configure all your applications on your new smartphone. It is also possible to save your data on apps from the old device and restore it to the new device. If you've not installed a root on your phone, there is a way to accomplish this. This article will demonstrate how to do it.

What exactly is app data?

Once you have installed an app on the Android phone and start using it, you accumulate application data, which comprises settings for the app, Chat profiles, log-in data, and other information. The data is stored in an individual directory. Ensure that other applications don't access your personal information and that your app's information is private. However, that makes backups challenging.

If you don't have special access ( root access), it's impossible to access the directories private on the previous smartphone. Therefore, unless the app offers its backup configuration method, your app's information will disappear when you change smartphones.

There's a way to back up the app's data. Certain apps allow access to the app's data using the user interface for debugging, which is precisely the Helium application's process to transfer your app's data, even with root access, and then transfer the data to your new device.


Google's backup service is improving and getting better.

Google does not just backup contacts, photos, emails, and many other things and app data. For the vast majority of users, the most efficient method of backing up app data is to use Google's backup service, which is usually enabled as a default feature on Android.

To use it, ensure that your backup system is installed for your account like Google One, a cloud storage service. Google One. To do so, navigate to:

  • System Settings.
  • Scroll down until you reach the Google setting.
  • Click on Backup.
  • You can check out the backup systems currently on this page.

With Google One, you have an overview of the backups you have made directly, and inside the app, you'll discover the section "Apps". This directory holds details of which apps have saved your data to Google at what point; however, it isn't accessible. If you create a new phone using Google Account backups Google Account backup, the data from the app should be transferred to your phone right away following the automatic installation. It's as easy as that.

One thing is certain the level of Google's app data security is dependent on the service providers that provide the applications. Developers of apps must integrate the functions properly to ensure that Google can reliably back up and maintain the app's data. However, this isn't the case in all cases, and there may be some applications in your collection that don't support this feature. However, backups become more efficient and more effective and don't get more efficient as Google Backup.

If you don't want to depend on Google or the app developers to maintain your data safe on your behalf, you can find a few options to manage this yourself. The most well-known app to do this is Helium which is described below.


Helium: Backup app data with no root access

Suppose you'd like to transfer the app data on your old phone to the new one, as we have described. In that case, you can do so by using the Helium application easily and without needing to root your device if you install Helium Desktop Installer. Helium Desktop Installer. The app is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you're using Windows, ensure that you have all the necessary drivers installed. They can be downloaded on this page.

  • Installation of Helium Desktop and the appropriate drivers, if required.
  • Download the Helium application on your older Android device.
  • The Startup Helium Desktop is ready to go, but don't connect your smartphone to your computer at this point.
  • Allow USB Debugging on your Android device. This is accomplished in the options for developers.

Notice: If your smartphone doesn't work, USB debugging may not be working properly. It could also be that the correct ADB drivers aren't on your PC yet. If you have a Sony device, you can visit the Sony Developer website and download them there. If you are dealing with other manufacturers, you have to solve the problem in the same way.

  • Launch the Helium application on your phone before connecting it with your PC.
  • Once your device has been identified, disconnect it from the computer.

  • You can now open this app from your smartphone and choose the apps you'd like to back up your app data for. If you'd like to do all of them, click All and tap to save.
  • The next step is to decide where you want to keep your backup. You can select from internal storage, microSD or even the cloud. 

  • After that, be patient for a couple of minutes for the backup process to finish.
  • When it's done, you'll be notified that the backup succeeded.

Helium Data backup for apps with access to the root

  • If your Android device is root and you want to back up the app's data is simple. It doesn't require you the ability to access a computer. 
  • When you open the Helium application on your phone for the first time, it will ask for Superuser rights. This is necessary to create backups without the need to connect to a computer.
  • You can then use the same procedure in the above steps to choose which backup applications and where you'd prefer to store the backups.

Helium Restore app data, whether root or not.

  • If you root on your smartphone, the restore procedure is the same. 
  • Get started with Helium from your Android device, and then click the Restore and sync tab.
  • Tell the app where you want to restore the backup data from. (Restoring from cloud backups is only possible with the premium version.)
  • You can then choose to restore the app's data for specific apps or the entire collection. Highlight the app and then tap restore.
  • The app's information will then be restored. Based on the amount you've backed up, this may take time.

Oandbackup: Open-source and free backup solution

  • Warning This method will not work with applications to disable ADB backup and some smartphones, such as Xiaomi.
  • While the Play Store isn't as extensive in new alternatives to Helium (many offer the ability to backup APKs. However, but they don't allow you to backup application data) However, there's an excellent alternative available from F-Droid, an online repository of open-source and free applications (FOSS).
  • With backup, it is possible to create backups of specific apps on your device and then restore these backups. The main benefit is that it permits you to save data from apps in a place that users can access. Backup and restore of single applications and multiple apps are supported.

  • To download, install, and backup, you'll need to install F-Droid first, then download Oandbackup by clicking on it. The app is constantly updated and maintained and should function with the latest versions of Android if Helium has not been able to meet your expectations. You'll require root access to do the procedure; it's probably your best option if your goal isn't to trust Google.
  • For those who don't own root but are running Android 4 or higher, you can use the command-line application adb that is part of the Android SDK tools for the platform to create backups using a desktop computer.

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