How to Fix Suspicious Login Attempt on Instagram

How to Fix Suspicious Login Attempt on Instagram

Many of us use social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Although we use these apps every day, some people still question their safety. Still, we receive suspicious emails and spam messages that can make us feel uneasy about our safety. Instagram is growing rapidly and releasing new updates every day. Some users still have questions about security.

Celebrities and influencers who claim that their Instagram accounts were hacked are a great example. It doesn't just happen to them. These issues are not unique to them. Instagram introduced two-factor authentication features to address this issue. This feature will ensure that your account is secured with additional security.

You will be frustrated and afraid if anyone tries to log into your account without your permission. You would search desperately for a solution if you find yourself in one of these situations.

Suppose you have received an Instagram message indicating that they had detected a suspicious login attempt. We want to inform you that this blog has the answer. Today's blog will discuss why this happens, how to fix it, and what steps you can take in the future. We will now dive right into the solution.

Is there a possible cause for this problem?

Is it confusing you to see what's happening with your Instagram account? Is it confusing why Instagram displays "We detected an unusual login attempt"? Don't worry; we got you. Let's first discuss what "suspicious login attempts" means to you.

Instagram will notify you if it suspects that your login activity is suspicious and wants to ensure your account is safe. These are the reasons Instagram sends you this notification.

1.    Sign-in attempts that are unusual

Instagram would flag a suspicious login attempt if you or someone attempted login from a different place than the one used. Instagram can't distinguish if someone is trying to log into your account. This message will be displayed as soon as you open Instagram. This notification message will be sent regardless of whether you are the one who logs in from a different place. If it's not you and someone else, you have a problem.

2.    Unauthorized users may attempt to log into your account.

If you have not tried to log into your account, there's a chance that someone else has. This could be an attempt to hack it. Don't panic. This is not a problem that you are alone in. We have seen many Instagram accounts being hacked. This notification is a sign that you need to protect your account. We will be discussing this in the next section.

3.    Have you ever used a VPN?

This is the third reason why Instagram might show you this message if you try to log in using a VPN. The reason is the change in your IP address. Instagram considers suspicious activity as any sudden IP address change to one that is not from the same country. Tap on That Was Me in the Instagram message to determine if this is the case.

These are the main reasons you receive this notification. You don't need to worry or panic if you are dealing with the second reason. You must act quickly if you can relate to the first reasons. Let's now see what we can do to resolve this problem quickly.

How to fix suspicious login attempts on Instagram

Let us first tell you that it's possible to protect your account. We will walk you through the steps and explain how to avoid this problem in future days. Let's get to the point.

Step 1: Open Instagram on your smartphone. This notice will appear if you have already logged in to your account.

It reads like this: "We detected an unusual login attempt. Please let us know if you are attempting to log in to your account. We will also hold details like the time, date, and name of the device.

Step 2:There are two options at your screen's bottom. You can tap on this is myoption if you are the one who logged into your account. Tap on this wasn't my option if you suspect someone else tried to log in.

Step 3: Tap on this was not myoption to take you to the tab to modify your password. You can then create a new password. You should make sure that your password is strong and difficult to guess.

That's it. You can change your password, even if they log in to your account.

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